Three Books With Badass Female Muslim Characters

Hello there.

Since there are very few books that feature a range of female Muslim characters, I thought I’d list some of my faves. These three books deal with various issues but the main one being marriage as it is quite a big deal for many people. Also, navigating the marriage scene as a young female Muslim can be rather difficult…so why not read all about the awkwardness of finding a partner?!

Anyhew, here are some diverse book recommendations for you to add to your to read list. You’re welcome.

The Story of Maha by Sumayya Lee

Setting: Durban and Cape Town, South Africa

This book is hilarious because it’s just completely MAD. But it’s also really heartbreaking because it’s set during apartheid and it shows how it wasn’t just blacks vs whites but also Indian people suffered too and also being a MIXED RACE Muslim girl in a society that is also inherently against dark skin etc so this book deals with a range of issues but it also makes you laugh despite the seriousness of the situation. There is a sequel too!

You can enter the Goodreads Giveaway to win a SIGNED copy of the book. Hurry, because it ends soon!

No Sex in the City by Randa Abdel Fattah

Setting: Sydney, Australia

This book is brilliant. It’s about four friends (not all of them are Muslim) and about finding love and dealing with work issues and relationship dramas and of course learning to trust each other and it’s just a great book about female friendships and dealing with adulthood. This book will make you laugh and squeal with joy (if you are a hopeless romantic like me then yes).

Sofia Khan is Not Obliged by Ayesha Malik

Setting: London, UK

This book is really funny and quite relatable. It is set in an area I’m familiar with and if you like Bridget Jones you will LOVE this book.


Imagine meeting someone  in the biscuit aisle in Sainsbury’s???? lol.

Honestly, Sofia is mad but she is a pretty funny character, and thankfully she does see the error in her ways (eventually). Sadly, I only liked one of her friends and i didn’t really like her sister BUT this does include female friends and plenty of awkward marriage talk and relationship issues as well as family drama. Also, the author is currently working on the sequel (thankfully) because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

One of my fave lines in the book:

Guy: ‘your hijab is like a social condom’
Sofia: Yes, to protect me from socially transmitted diseases. Like you. 😹

 Books with female Muslim characters

All books feature a range of Muslim characters and are set in different locations and are laugh out loud kind of books.

I need more books featuring badass Muslim characters that don’t take crap from anyone and stand up for their beliefs and are just great characters and role models.

Can’ believe it is MAY ALREADY!

Got so many books to look forward to!

Happy Reading!

“Seeing reflections of yourself in the fiction you love is one of the most powerful forms of affirmation we have in popular culture” – Bryan Hill




Best Books of 2015

Hi everyone.

I can’t believe 2015 is over! I was supposed to post this in 2015 but i was super busy and then super tired and lazy.

BUT I AM SO HAPPY THAT I COMPLETED MY GOODREADS GOAL FOR ONCE!!! I managed to read more than 50 books in 2015 yay me.

So here is my list of the BEST books I have read in 2015…

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson (2014 in the US and 2015 in the UK)

UK vs US cover

Why I Love It:

THIS BOOK OMG THIS BOOK IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I’ve read her previous book ‘The Sky is Everywhere’ and honestly that book is nothing compared to I’ll Give You The Sun. 

It is narrated by twins Noah and Jude so switches from view points. There’s a lot of art and pain in this book but the writing is superb and the characters are excellently written and the plot…omg the plot and the plot twists!!!

Noah’s descriptions are breathtaking and his curiosity and wonderment are just so adorable.

Jude is incredible, her fearlessness and her strength is admirable but stuff happens and it is just so heartbreaking.

There’s death,  love, hope and forgiveness and plenty of pain and suffering.

But overall this book is incredibly beautiful. I love the characters and the plot and the way they talk about certain things and it’s also really cute at times and i am a sucker for love stories. it’s about family relationships too and how messed up they can be when people keep secrets.

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld (2014)

US vs UK Cover

Why I Love It:

Oh this book!!! This is A BOOK WITHIN A BOOK. Okay so it’s about this girl Darcy Patel (A BROWN PROTAGONIST I KNOW!!!!) and she is a writer so we get to read her story too!!!

this book is great because it’s about writing and the publishing industry and also has representation and ‘diversity’ so that’s important too.

One chapter is about Darcy and the next is a chapter from her book so that’s really cool and i’m so glad i got to read two books in one! and both really good stories too!

you don’t get confused because the story Darcy writes is very different…it’s like a ghost story and has a hot brown guy who may or may not be Lord of the Dead…but the characters are well written and the plot is great so kudos to you Scott Westerfeld.

Mosquitoland by David Arnold (2015)

Why I Love It:

This book is everything i love in a YA book. A ROAD TRIP. i love road trip books and i really hope i get to go on many road trips in the future!

it took a while to get into and get used to the ‘quirky’ writing and weirdness of the novel and Mim but eventually i got used to it and fell in love with this book and her story.

So Mim is on a quest to find her mum but really…she ends up finding herself. i know that sounds cliche but honestly it’s really beautifully written and the friends she makes along the way are just so lovable.

Her friends Walt and Beck are my fave and i am so glad she realises how stupid she was so that’s good and also it has some great plot twists. I love how unpredictable it was.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (2015)

Everything, Everything Book

Why I Love It:

urgh reading this book was like a taylor swift song because i was dying from all the cute but then i was like ‘urgh this will never happen to me smh’.

So it’s about this girl Maddy who is ‘allergic’ to the world…as in she can’t go outside or she might/will die. so she stays inside and lives her life through books and the internet. i mean she’s wealthy enough to have a nice house so that’s fine but then there’s this NEW FAMILY NEXT DOOR WITH A CUTE GUY (how cliche but i am a sucker for this kind of thing) and then they end up talking online and fall in love etc etc

i also really liked the illustrations in the book but yeah it’s about Maddy and her life in that house until Olly comes and messes everything up (in a good way) but yeah i felt they rushed into some things *ahem* and i didn’t really like the plot twist but i LOVE the beginning because of how they meet and when they talk at night and that whole thing of falling in love and BEING ALL CUTE!!!


i felt really sorry for the mum and things should have been dealt with differently since she has suffered so much too.

but overall it’s a really cute book and the cover is also really pretty!

Stand-Off by Andrew Smith (2015)

i loathe this cover

Why I Love It:

the sequel to Winger. i didn’t expect to love these books as much as i do but honestly these books are HILARIOUS. it’s hard to find good FUNNY books these days but Andrew Smith somehow manages to do it.

This book is excellent in so many ways. Ryan Dean West is a senior now and has to deal with so much pressure but also after what happened in Winger (the thing with Joey) his anxiety is really bad and he has panic attacks and nightmares it’s really heartbreaking. i actually cried a lot reading this book because of how he wasn’t dealing well with his emotions and he was really confused and i’m like PLEASE GET HELP HKJHGJDFHGKDFJ

but thankfully he eventually gets help and things get dealt with which is good. also SAM ABERNATHY IS ADORABLE and has to stay with Ryan Dean and he is not amused it is sooo cute.

also his relationship with Annie is great and it’s really funny but also gross because guys are weird and think about strange things.

but i love this book and the characters are great and it made me really emotional reading it because i will miss the dork that is Ryan Dean West and his amazingly funny drawings (he draws comics!).

The Collected Works of A.J.Finkry (2014)/The Stories Life of A.H.Finkry (2015) by Gabrielle Zevin 

UK vs US Cover

Why I Love It:

This book is just so so so good. it’s about BOOKS and BOOK PEOPLE! It’s my kind of book.

It’s about this guy who owns this little bookshop on this island and about his pathetic life UNTIL SOMEONE LEAVES A CHILD IN HIS BOOKSTORE AND HE ENDS UP LOOKING AFTER IT AND HE ALSO FALLS IN LOVE WITH THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN WHO MAKES HIM SEE THE WORLD IN A DIFFERENT WAY and it is just so beautiful.

so A.J.Finkry compiles a list of books his daughter should read (there are a lot fo books i haven’t heard about but that’s fine because my to read list is never-ending!).

the characters are well written and i love the plot and there are some excellent quotes too but just a book about people who love books so as a bibliophile it is perfect.

Winter by Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles) 2015 

Why I Love It:


THIS BOOK IS REALLY REALLY FAT LIKE OVER 800 PAGES LONG but i got through it (just about). it was an emotional roller-coaster because every time i’d be like YES FINALLY something else would go wrong and i’d just be like WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? WHEN WILL MY FAVES BE SAFE AND HAPPY?!

so we’re introduced to Princess Winter aka like Snow White but she is black (this book has lots of diversity which is good). Winter suffers from hallucinations and visions so she’s dealing with a kind of mental illness and it is taking a toll on her. but she is a sweet character.

Also…Levana is just urgh like i hate her so much but then also you’re made to feel sorry for her and pity her but no matter what there is no excuse for your crappy behaviour and rudeness and also THE FACT THAT SHE GLAMOURS HERSELF AND MAKES ‘HER PEOPLE’ WORK AS SLAVES SMH (i still need to read Fairest and also there is a collection of short stories coming out soon called Stars Above). 

overall i thoroughly enjoyed reading this book even though it pained me to read some scenes and it hurt a lot coz i love the characters and i just want them to be happy but thankfully things work out and yeah I AM SO PROUD OF CINDER LFJGKJHGKJSDHSFKJ and kai is just too cute. also Iko is such a bamf.

it’s a good series and fairytale retelling!!!

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta (Lumatere Chronicles) 2008

Why I Love It:

oh wow. this book. it’s taken me a long time to finally read the wonder that is Melina Marchetta. i wanted to read a book i could get stuck in and fantasy usually sucks me right in. this book. how do i even begin to describe the beauty that is this book?!

this book killed me.

this book is great because of the CHARACTERS!!! the plot is also good and the dialogue but i love the characters!!! Finnikin and Sir Topher and Evangelin and just basically everyone.

it’s about a cursed kingdom and so many have to flee and become exiles and no other kingdom wants them and it’s horrible and it’s about whether they can return home and what happens then.

also this book was also sooo realistic in the sense that the issues she deals with and the whole exile thing is very relevant to what’s happening today (ie Syria, Palestine etc)

if you like fantasy then you should enjoy this book. ALSO IT HAS SO MUCH DIVERSITY AND THE FEMALE CHARACTERS ARE BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN AND IT’S ALSO FUNNY AT TIMES BUT IT IS ALSO REALLY PAINFUL. i can’t wait to read the second book!!!


I hope everyone had a good 2015 and if not then hope 2016 is better with more wonderful memories and that you get to read lots of amazing books and travel to new places!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Hopefully I will be blogging more often.


Happy Reading!

“When I only begin to read, I forget I’m on this world. It lifts me on wings with high thoughts.” Anzia Yezierska


“We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel… is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become.” Ursula K. Le Guin


These Books Are Amazing And You Should Read Them

hey so these books are amazing

and before i review them i want you to know that…

Winger- Andrew Smith

i actually prefer the cartoon cover. it’s much cooler

this book just hooks you in…


What’s it about?

Ryan Dean West is a 14yr old boy who goes to boarding school in the US. he is way too clever for his age and thus is ahead of most people his age…so yeah that’s one reason why he doesn’t fit in. also he is pretty skinny yet he happens to play rugby. this book is not just about school, friends, girls but also about rugby. he loves doodling and his comics are really cool. so not only does he have to share a dorm with one of the scariest dudes on campus…so he is constantly living in fear for his life (or getting beat up) while he is also in love with his best friend. so yeah it’s basically a book about school, life, friends, trying to fit in and the stuff that happens. a lot of stuff happens. some good..some funny…and a lot of surprises.

Did i like it?

i actually had no idea what to expect when i started this book. but from the first page i was hooked and laughing. the diarrhea spell is one of the funniest things…and joey is my fave character he is just the nicest and most wonderful person. Ryan Dean West kind of reminds me of Adrian Mole of the 21st century but also a more likeable boy. sure he thinks about girls and sex a lot and can be quite sexist but he does try his best to mend his ways…though man does his ego often get in the way. but he tries to be a better person. oh yes I LOVE THIS BOOK IT IS HILARIOUS I WAS LAUGHING OUT LOUD A LOT AND I DIDN’T WANT TO FINISH IT BUT I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS BUT THEN I WISH I HADN’T FINISHED IT. the ending is just…heartbreaking. i kind of had a feeling something like that would happen but it is so so horrendous. it’s really eye opening the challenges some people face.

oh and there WILL be a sequel…which i will hopefully read.

also i tweeted Andrew Smith and he replied!!! =D

you can follow him @marburyjack

i look forward to reading his latest book Grasshopper Jungle which sounds incredibly strange.

Jellicoe Road aka On The Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

one of my favourite books

my friend Lisa is obsessed with this author and i have heard of this book and heard great things but i couldn’t find it anywhere. i don’t think it’s published in the UK?! or if it is, it’s just very difficult to find. i think you can get it on kindle but i prefer paperback. anyways so i ordered it of the Book Depository this summer because i thought it was time i finally read this book and see what is so great about it.

i was not disappointed.

What’s it about?

IT IS SET IN AUSTRALIA WHICH IS COOL. Taylor is the leader of her boarders at the Jellicoe School. they have this thing called territory wars with the cadets and townies. idk it’s kind of hard to describe. it’s about this girl Taylor and her trying to piece together the puzzle that is her life, her past and her mum. also Hannah who looks after her has disappeared and she wants to know why…and how Hannah’s story ties in with her mum and the dreams she has. it’s so confusing at first but then you get into it and you’re liek woah IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. also there is Jonah and Raffy and all the other wonderful characters and it’s so emotional and wonderful and is about friendship and family and trusting people and just read it.

Did I Like it?

yes. Jonah Griggs is wonderful. Taylor is annoying at first but i can see why but she proves herself and i like her. i love her friends and Ben omg and i love the characters and the 2 stories merging together to complete the puzzle and how everything eventually makes sense and it’s like OMG THIS IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTBREAKING AND WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH WOW. i just think you should read it. it may surprise you. i hope it does. it’s just a great story, well written and deals with a lot of issues. also it will break your heart.

Fave Quotes:

‘And if i could bottle the look on his face, I’d keep it by my bedside for the rest of my life.’

‘But grief makes a monster out of us sometimes . . . and sometimes you say and do things to the people you love that you can’t forgive yourself for.’
I look forward to reading her other books: Saving Francesca, Looking for Alibrandi, The Piper’s Son and The Lumatere Chronicles.





so yeah


in other wonderful book news

Lauren Oliver did a UK Book Tour and she wasn’t supposed to have a London date but then she did so i went to Hatchards PICCADILLY (THE OLDEST Bookstore in London…it was founded in 1797)


i think every author i have met has just been so wonderfully nice.

'To Juwi- Don't worry you are young. =) I'm so glad that you read and connected to BIF so strongly and that we got to meet- and your grief makes me cackle! hahaha (evil laugh)

‘To Juwi- Don’t worry you are young. =) I’m so glad that you read and connected to BIF so strongly and that we got to meet- and your grief makes me cackle! hahaha (evil laugh)

she signed my book and wrote a long message!!!

i was saying how i felt old whenever i go to meet authors coz everyone is between 12-19 and i’m 20 and so i’m like…oh well i don’t act it. =P

if you haven’t read Before I Fall you should. it’s one of my favourite books. i read it four years ago and it has stayed with me.

also i asked her about the movie and she said things should be happening soon what with different producers etc but it should be a movie sometime in the near future.

she is also really really pretty.

oh and her other books are the Delirium Trilogy (i read the first book and loved it but i haven’t read the other books) and her new book Panic which actually looks pretty good. i shall have to get that sometime.

oh and here is my mini book haul when i went to Waterstones Piccadilly.

My cat Neo and my mini book haul

My cat Neo and my mini book haul

Crown of Midnight– Sarah J Mass (i will be posting a blog about this series soon!)

Siege and Storm– Leigh Bardugo

Dreamland– Sarah Dessen



i love Sarah Dessen. i hope she comes to the UK one day so i can meet her.

Don’t forget to add me on goodreads

oh and i have an Instagram @juwibakes

till the next time

Happy Reading!

p.s Patrick Ness announced his new YA book title The Rest Of Us Just Live Here which is out sometime in 2015

so pretty

more collages here


I’m So Behind On Book Reviews…

HELLOOOOO PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. and all the other creatures reading this. i know i have a mermaid fanbase. don’t worry no one reads this so they won’t find you.

um yeah so IT’S SUMMER and i am having a WONDERFUL TIME…chillin maxin relaxin all cool and swaggy in the LONDON summer sunshine…though it’ss till not enough Vitamin D but whatever.

so i haven’t read as much as i thought i would by now… i’ve only read 13 books summer…which isn’t that many but i hope to read more.  so here are some of the reviews…

The Ocean at the End of the Lane- Neil Gaiman

US Book Cover (left) and UK Book Cover (right)

What’s it about?

it’s about this guy who returns to his childhood home and then it brings back all the memories of that place and the adventures he had with lettie Hempstock. It’s about memory and how we remember things…as well as being a child and how adults don’t ever believe you and that innocence of childhood. oh yeah and monsters and witches and magic of course. oh and love of stories and books. It’s quite creepy and disturbing at times (it is Neil Gaiman after all) but overall it is a good book.

Did I Like it?

yes. it wasn’t as amazing as i thought it would be…but maybe i just didn’t ‘get it’? it’s not very long and takes a while to get into and you have to piece everything together because it’s from a child’s POV…well the man is looking back on when he was 7 so yeah. my favourite Neil Gaiman book is The Graveyard Book.

Fave Quote: “Books were safer than other people anyway.”

The Bubble Wrap Boy- Phil Earle

yes that actually happens to him =(

this is actually my first Phirl Earle book and i had no idea what to expect. i was pleasantly surprised.

What’s it about?

Charlie Han is mollycoddles by his mother…he has only one friend who is always staring at walls and picking his nose. he gets bullied a lot for being the kid from the ‘Chinese chippy’. so charlie struggles o fit in to the crowd at school because his mum is so overprotective and his one and only friend Sinus is also a ‘loser’ but he doesn’t seem to care. but then one day he discovers these skaters…and then he decides to try skateboarding. obviously without telling his mum. so it’s about him learning to skateboard and trying to be ‘cool’ but things don’t turn out according to plan and he also uncovers a family secret which is actually pretty heartbreaking and totally unexpected.

Did I Like it?

YES. for one thing…a POC protagonist!!! it’s also set in the UK. charlie is a funny character and he is likeable. i felt so bad for him because bullying is horrible and just no one helping him and everyone laughing it’s just humiliating. but it’s also about perspective because his mother has her reasons for why she acts the way she does.

i do want to read his other books: Being Billy, Saving Daisy and Heroic.

he is also a lovely person because i was lucky enough to meet him at YALC.

The Catcher in the Rye- J.D.Salinger

everyone is a bloody phony

so i finally read this ‘classic’. i’m always wary when i read classics because i often find them overrated.

What’s it about?

Holden caulfield is a 16yr old boy who certainly has issues. it’s set in the 1950s i think so the slang and language is very old and specific to its time. which is quite funny. so the book is just holden complaining abut everything and everyone. he is so cynical it is hilarious and you just want to slap him…but then he does realise his flaws and faults. except i mean he is too egotistical to do anything about it. i think i understand why everyone goes on about it. it is a rather iconic book i suppose…and if you are a teenager then yes you should read this book. why? because you will so relate to holden…and how he thinks everyone is a phony, how annoying adults are and wtf is the point of school?! well…this book provides good advice and may help give your life a bit more direction.

Did I Like it?

yes. i don’t LOVE it. it is funny but i feel like i should have read it when i was 16. instead i read The Perks of Being a Wallflower so that book means more to me than this one.

Fave Quotes:

I know. I’m very hard to talk to. I realize that.

Make sure you marry someone who laughs at the same things you do.

I can’t explain what I mean. And even if I could, I’m not sure I’d feel like it.

Just One Day- Gayle Forman

urgh so disappointing

so i really enjoyed reading If I Stay and Where She Went…and i am looking forward to the movie which is out late August sometime in the UK.

anyways i had heard great things about this book on the blogosphere so i thought it’d be a great summer read coz i like a good cheesey cutesey love story kinda book.

What’s it about?

Allyson goes on a trip to Europe after graduating high school. she meets this cute guy in Stratford-Upon-Avon who does Shakespeare int he park or something. so instead of actually going to the performance that she paid for…or her parents paid for…she goes to the park to see the cute guy and he is hot and he winks at her or whatever. anyways she’s annoyed she didn’t get to go to Paris and he’s like ‘i’ll take you’ and she says yes and SHE GOES TO PARIS WITH A HANDSOME STRANGER. um…this isn’t BEFORE SUNRISE (which is a fantastic film you should watch it).

so she thinks um he could be a serial killer let me find out more…all she ends up finding out his his name..NOT EVEN HIS FULL NAME…liek what is this the 90s?! SHE DOESN’T KNOW HIS FULL NAME SO SHE CAN’T FRIEND HIM ON FACEBOOK AND LOOK AT HIS PHOTOS. okay then whatever. but he probs doesn’t even have a fb since he’s like some kind of nomad. oh yeah he’s Dutch so he’s blonde and has blue eyes. 😉

so like they legit spend a day in Paris together and yet she doesn’t find out that much about him…awkws. but they go explore different part sof the city and OMG I AM SO HAPPY THAT GAYLE FORMAN WROTE ABOUT THE RACISM IN PARIS BECAUSE LIKE THAT IS A REAL THING AND PEOPLE THINK PARIS HOLDS THE KEY TO YOUR HEART (it does..i mean there’s a song so duh not really)

oh i forgot to mention SHE PRETENDS TO BE SOMEONE SHE’S NOT. AKA LULU. ACTUALLY THE GUY names her that and it’s like um wtf that’s not even her name.

stuff happens and she’s back in the US and she starts uni and hates it and she’s really depressed and hates everyone and everything. then she joins this Shakespeare Out Loud class which sounds amazing minus all the essays but it’s Shakespeare so yeah and she meets Dee who is hella awesome and i wanna be his friend.

eventually she decides she has had enough and goes on a mission TO FIND THE GUY and yeah. you’ll have to read it to see if they meet or not. BUT THERE IS A SEQUEL Just One Year which is from Willem’s POV.

Did I Like it?

um no. i really wanted to. i nearly gave up reading it. tbh i should have. i told my friend to tell me what happens in the sequel coz i was so done with these two idiots. the thing is I AM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC so i thought i would love it. but i just thought allyson or lulu or whatever was stupid and annoying and she needed to get over herself and this guy. but clearly it was love at first sight or whatever.

i did like Dee and Wren. they are wonderful characters and i would read books about them. i also liked how allyson struggled at uni because it reminded me of my first year and how much i hated it and struggled and i felt so alone…like i peaked in high school and i’m not as clever as i thought i was. but 2nd year has been way better. if you’re starting university/college dw i’m sure you’ll be fine and survive as long as you do something you love. =)

Landline- Rainbow Rowell

US Cover (left) and UK Cover (right)

Rainbow Rowell’s 2nd book for adults (the first one is Attachments)

after the disappointment that was Fangirl i was skeptical about Landline but when i went to meet her and found out what it was actually about then i was excited to read it.

What’s it about?

Georgie McCool (YES THAT IS HER NAME!!!) works in TV and so is very very busy…and when she gets the opportunity to pitch the show she’s always wanted to create she has to stay behind while her husband and 2 kids go see their grandma…in another state. spending time apart form her husband makes Georgie realise how much she needs Neal and how important he is to her life…also how much she misses him and how love isn’t enough in any relationship but time and effort as well as being able to compromise. oh yeah THERE IS A MAGIC PHONE. so she ends up staying at her mum’s house and uses her old landline from when she was a teen. she calls Neal. he picks up…but it’s the 20/21yr old Neal not her husband Neal…well they were dating. so yeah she talks to him and is so confused and freaked out by the magic phone. BUT THEN IT’S LIKE BACK WHEN YOU’RE A TEEN (‘when you’re on the phone and you talk real slow coz it’s late and your momma don’t know‘) when you’re talking late into the night and fall asleep to each others voices (not that i would know what this is like…but hey i’ve read and seen enough movies okay).

so it switches from the present time to georgie looking back on when she first met neal and how everything changed etc and it is so cute like neal is adorable and their relationship is so lovely and he is like a stay at home dad.

Did I Like it?

yes. THERE ARE PUGS IN THIS BOOK. A PUG GIVES BIRTH. omg. but also it is a cute love story…and how love isn’t so simple but you have to make it work. if it’s the right person you’ll WANT to make it work. and they will feel the same way and urgh it is so cute.

also i love all the secondary characters. her sister heather is so cool and just yeah. it’s a great book. not as amazing as Eleanor and Park but i did enjoy it. on a side note…i really love the cover, the feel of the book, the layout and the font. and of course the style of writing. it’s also pretty funny and easy to read so i finished it pretty quickly. my fave scene was the beach scene. 😉 it’s just ridiculously adorable.

Rainbow Rowell is a a wonderful storyteller and she writes awesome love stories. my friend wrote a wonderful post on how her books makes you FEEL.

yeah you should totes read ALL OF HER BOOKS. Especially Eleanor and Park.

yeah so that’s SOME book reviews…will be writing more review posts soon!!!

i am contemplating whether i should get this shirt or not…

it is from the DFTBA website

you can buy it here

this is a funny video on literal book titles

also check out the awesome Epic Reads Youtube channel







i was like

brb dying

till the next time.

Happy Reading!


 “What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.” J.D. Salinger


Summer Book Haul

Hello there people of the world. or hi to any aliens or mermaids also reading this.

anyways so i love books (i’m known as The Book Guru) and i love BUYING books. i’m lucky enough to be able to afford books and live in London so there are so many wonderful charity shops, independent bookshops and of course Waterstones and Foyles. and Amazon.

so anyways after exams  i went to Waterstones Gower Street to buy some books and i also went to Waterstones Piccadilly to buy some books because they usually have offers like 3 for 2 or Buy One Get One Half Price. =D

when i went to Waterstones i wore this top which is from the dftba website and  the book necklace is from etsy

Why Buy Anything Else When You Could Be Buying Books?

Why Buy Anything Else When You Could Be Buying Books?

i also went to my local Oxfam and found some lovely books.

and then of course i’m part of the Editorial tea, at Spinebreakers (Penguin) where they pitch us books and we review them.

and i recently joined Harper Collins (i literally just emailed then saying i would love to review any books and they sent me one!)

also my goal this year was to buy more books from bookstores rather than from Amazon (let’s face it…amazon IS cheaper and easier and i love online shopping) but i NEED to support bookstores!

so here is a pic of my GLORIOUS BOOK HAUL:



Books from Waterstones:

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman

Geek Girl by Holly Smale 

And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Dreams Of Gods And Monsters by Laini Taylor

Everday Sexism by Laura Bates (Non-Fiction)


Books from Amazon:

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Just One Day by Gayle Forman

City Of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta


Books from Oxfam:

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D.Salinger

Junk by Melvin Burgess

Collected Stories by Anita Desai

The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Ann Brashares

Beyond The Veil by Fatima Mernissi (Non-Fiction)


Books from Spinebreakers:

Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey

The Bubble Wrap Boy by Phil Earle

The Neptune Conspiracy by Polly Holyoke

Winger by Andrew Smith


HarperCollins Book:

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige


oh yes and i got a FREE BOOK from Beanstalk: The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman


sad to say i’ve only managed to read two books so far…Geek Girl took me a while because it was annoying me.

Geek Girl by Holly Smale:

she doesn’t look like much of a ‘geek’

at first i was like this book is so annoying this girl harriet is so annoying everything is just urgh. ALSO THE AUTHOR BASED IT ON HER LIFE COZ SHE GOT SCOUTED TO BE A MODEL TOO. um okay then. also if you think you’re ugly and then you get scouted to be a model…YOU ARE NOT UGLY. harriet manners is intelligent yes she knows about maths and science and books but she has like one friend and ZERO social skills or cues and is DEFINITELY NOT STREET SMART. oh and she is so naive as well. but she is 15 so i guess i shouldn’t be so hard on her.

anyways so yes it is a book about this clever ‘geeky’ girl who becomes a model because she is tired of being bullied and picked on and people calling her a geek. excuse you YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY…YOU ARE INTELLIGENT AND SMART AND AWESOME like idk i probs would be friends with her if i was 15 and in her class or something but yeah she would be annoying being a know it all etc. but just so you all know IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE A NERD/GEEK AND LIKE FASHION/MAKE UP ETC. like why can’t you like both? why do you have to be one thing. oh you like books means you have no fashion sense. no…i just like books MORE than fashion…i do love clothes and jewellery and painting my nails and SPARKLY THINGS but i just love books and reading. so being called a nerd/geek or whatever isn’t a bad thing it just means people are probabaly jealous of your intelligence and that you work hard. like i didn’t LOVE school or homework but i worked hard so yeah and i was always reading which is why some people called me a ‘neek’.

now i am 20 and i am a proud nerd. no i don’t wear glasses and i used to have braces but i still read books and am pretty awkward and love random facts and don’t have much social skills BUT I TRY and don’t let the haters get to you.

also SHE HAS A STALKER IN THIS BOOK AND IT IS NOT CUTE BUT CREEPY i mean yeah she knows the guy or whatever but the lengths he goes to…it’s like…um excuse you wtf?!

also harriet is kinda dumb for thinking her friend would hate her for being a model…more like FOR LYING TO HER. when are people gonna realise being honest is what is important and IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE TELL THEM THE TRUTH COZ ARE THEY NOT WORTH THE TRUTH? sure you think you’re protecting them but when the truth come out then what?!

anyways there is are more books but idk if i’ll bother reading them. i mean towards the end when harriet finally saw sense i kind of liked it. there were some plot twists i’ll admit like with nick aka lionboy who smells like green (um wtf???!!!).

but tbh i spent most of the book sighing with frustration or just facepalming at her idiocy.

also it is totes school to wear cartoon tops. like why else would the shops sell them? stop tryna fit it and be like everyone else when you are unique and awesome they way you are. it just takes time to understand that and accept yourself and once you do, so will others. also some bullies are so mean and rule through fear. it takes guts to stand up to them.

Wonder by R.J.Palacio


this book. i’ve heard of it. i’ve seen it in the shops. and then i finally bought it. and read it.

oh. my. gosh. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!!!. it is beautiful. it is so funny and just amazing and wow what a brilliant book like it’s one of those children’s books EVERYONE should read (like the giver and the little prince).

so…it’s about this boy August who happens to have this genetic thing where his face is all…messed up and he also had a cleft plate and lots of surgery etc so he looks ‘ugly’ or ‘abnormal’. he loves star wars and is pretty intelligent and funny and is 10yrs old. he was home-schooled and eventually goes to middle school and basically how people treat him and react to him. like most people stop and stare and recoil in horror or think it’s a joke/mask but it is HIS ACTUAL FACE.

so yeah it’s not easy for him or his family and not the friends he makes since everyone is like ew don’t touch him and it’s just horrible how mean people can be. but it’s also beautiful how kind people can be.

people who see through his looks and discover he is fun to be around and has a nice personality and all of that. and he laughs at himself which is important…he hates the way he looks but he can joke about it. it’s a really moving book and teaches you about humanity and kindness which is so important.

the book is written from different POVs which is good so you hear different characters and how they view August.

also i love the quote: ‘always try to be a little kinder than necessary’J.M.Barrie



Currently Reading: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman.

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i know i am showing self control by not reading City of Heavenly Fire and that is because it is he LAST book in The Mortal Instruments series and i am so scared coz i know 6 people we know are gonna die and just kgdkhhfdg emotions and i wanna sit down and read it and just not move so i shall probably save it for Ramadan where i have plenty of time. also i can’t lug it around on the tube so i have to read it at home and want to focus all my attention on it and not read two books at the same time.

i won’t be buying more books for a while apart from The Silkworm by Robert Gailbrath (the second Cormoran Strike book) and i am waiting till the end of July for the last Birthright book by Gabrielle Zevin (In The Age of Love and Chocolate). It’s already out but i want the paperback version so i’ll wait.

also my friend recommended the Matthew Swift Novels by Kate Griffin so i’m looking for those and i might get Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Trilogy) by Leigh Bardugo because i’ve heard they’re good and it’d be nice to start a new trilogy.

anyhew hope you all have something good to read!

Happy Reading!

i have no self control in a bookshop


 “Books say: She did this because. Life says: She did this. Books are where things are explained to you; life is where things aren’t. I’m not surprised some people prefer books.” Julian Barnes





I Like to Read Books and Watch Movies


how are you???!!!

so i’ve been busy with revision and exams which is why i haven’t blogged in a while but now IT’S THE HOLIDAYS SUMMER 2014 WOOP WOOP. as in i actually finished my second year of university!!! *gasp* i have no idea how it went by so quickly but it’s definitely been better than my first year.

anyhew so since he last time i blogged i have read lots of books and watched lots of movies so here are my ‘reviews’.


Blackfish– this is a documentary film about Seaworld and Orcas. OMG IT WAS SO EMOTIONAL I CRIED SO MUCH AND IT JUST MADE ME SO ANGRY BECAUSE THOSE POOR ORCAS TAKEN FROM THEIR MOTHERS AND MADE TO ENTERTAIN US HUMANS. urgh it was horrible. plus so many deaths could have been avoided and you might think you can train animals but they can easily turn on you and just it’s sickening. just watch it. i hate seaworld and i never want to go there ever again. stupid big corporations and companies who only care about making money.

The Virgin Suicides – wtf was this movie they all eventually committed suicide and it’s so messed up like these guys idolised them and their parents were so overprotective like kids and teenagers need space and freedom or they will rebel. it was just so weird, also the way the story was told idk i didn’t really like it. i just felt really bad for the sisters like their life was so sheltered they just wanted to be normal and stuff but their parents were so controlling.

About Time–  cute movie about a guy who can time travel and how he uses this to alter his life but obv there are consequences. anyways he falls in love and yeah it’s a cute romcom. is it just me or has Rachel McAdams been in quite a few films about time travel? anyways she is just ridiculously beautiful. it’s a British movies too!!! =D

Funny Face– okay i made it my goal to watch ALL the Audrey Hepburn movies since she was an incredible actress. but this one just BORED ME. plus the guy…idk he randomly kissed and and she’s in love wtf? he’s a creep yeah i didn’t finish this i mean what they wanted to get married and the guy just annoyed me and the songs were lame and HE WAS NO CARY GRANT.

The Grand Budapest Hotel–  OMG. this movie!!! so good- brilliant and funny and just wow. visually stunning too i mean duh it’s Wes Anderson!!!! it was kinda sad too but mostly funny like laugh out loud funny and THE ACTING!!! phenomenal. i really enjoyed this movie. =)

Veronica Mars Movie- HILARIOUS. BADASS. brilliant. watched it with my mum for Mother’s Day coz we both used to watch the show and IT WAS SO FUNNY AND JUST LOVED IT AND it was so good tosee the characters and aaahhh my fave scenes was this:

Sassy Veronica

The Big Wedding– this was quite a cute movie and it wasn’t as terrible as i thought it’d be. Ben Barnes was pretty cute in it but omg this movie had PUGS!!! =D i love pugs. it was also pretty funny.

That Awkward Moment– um such a lame movie. like these three friends made some stupid deal to not DATE people but they all end up breaking the deal and idk THEY THREW BEN AND JERRY’S ICE CREAM OUT THE WINDOW LIKE WTF WHO DOES THAT? idk it was just crappy and stupid and not even cute or anything. i mean some bits were funny but it was mostly just cringe and like wtf are you doing you weirdos. also i just wanted to slap all of the guys who they were being jerks. like grow up.

Vampire Academy– NOT AS BAD AS SOME MOVIES. christian was hot 😉 but ew dmitri was so gross with his long hair like nope i thought he was meant to be like WOW… the actor looks way better with short hair. if i read the books when i was younger i would have loved it coz Rose is such a cool character (she is so sassy) and i love mason. it’s actually quite funny and just like yeah an okay-ish movie. i’ve seen worse so yeah. if only i had read the books when i was younger. i feel like i’m too old to enjoy them now.

The Heat– to put it simply…21 Jump Street but older and with females. but i enjoyed it. it was funny but i think it’s overrated. i do love Sandra Bullock though. there was more focus on family and friendship then a lame love story so that was good.

Bad Neighbours– i had high hopes for this movie since last year. i thought it would be HILARIOUS. okay so it was actually pretty funny. also dave franco 😉 there was defo some disturbing scenes…um…*spoiler alert* MILKING A HUMAN…what even?! yeah overall it was okay. like yeah it’s a fun movie to watch with your friends but i wouldn’t watch it again.

Divergent- Theo James as four that is all 😉 THIS WAS A SURPRISINGLY GOOD MOVIE LIKE I WASN’T EXPECTING MUCH BUT EVEN MY MUM SAID IT GOT GOOD REVIEWS SO YEAH I ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT. i don’t remember much of the story since i read the book years ago but poor tris man…things get cray cray but at least she has four.and then urgh in insurgent all the plot twists AND THEN ALLEGIANT I CAN’T EVEN. but the movie…the cast was good, i missed Uriah though. but Christina was perfect and yeah Shailene Woodley as tris…pretty awesome. i loved the zip lining scene and the initiation stuff. i know they changed some stuff but overall i enjoyed it and i am looking forward to Insurgent which they are currently filming.

so like Theo James as Four

ayyyyyy 😉

Captain America: Winter’s Solider– BUCKY BARNES. LSDHFKJGDFKDJFHCKJFDHGC MY CREYS. WHY WHY WHY WHY. urgh this film was emotional like Steve Rogers is so adorable and sweet adn how can you not love captain america he is just so NICE!!! and SAM!!!! this movie was WAAAYYY BETTER than the first movie which wasn’t that great but omg peggy!!! it’s also pretty funny coz nick fury but yeah trust no one and BLOODY HAIL HYDRA. but just bucky banres and steve rogers that is the most heartbreaking thing. but the action was good and yeah SEBASTIAN STAN 😉 chris evans 😉 NO I DO NOT JUST WATCH SUPERHERO MOVIES FOR THE HOT GUYS. um i actually DO LIKE THE STORIES. but you know the hot guys are a bonus…

The Amazing Spider-Man 2– OH MY GLOB THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING YES IT WAS BUT ALSO OMG I TOTALLY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT I STILL CRIED AND IT WAS URGH SO EMOTIONAL THOUGH. but like it was really funny. ANDREW GARFIELD IS SO HOT and Emma Stone i just perfect and dane dehaan MORE LIKE DANE DE DAMN YOU’RE FINE but he is married. his wife is Anna Wood and she is adorbs.

Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn 😉

this was unscripted!!! 😉

The Giver Trailer– it’s out in the US in August but i don’t think they have released international dates. =(

NEW The Giver trailer


First look at Julianne Moore as President Coin in Mockingjay Part 1


can’t wait to see X Men: Days of Future Past and of course THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!

also one of my favourte kids books Olivia Kidney by Ellen Potter IS GONNA BE A MOVIE!!!


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs:


so i expected great things from this book since on the blogosphere and goodreads EVERYONE is raving about it…so i was excited t read it and i bought it with my birthday money and well…it is overrated. i mean it took AGES for the story to actually get exciting…the pictures are LEGIT CREEPY and disturbing…also they’re all real pictures!!! it’s about a boy who after his grandad dies goes to Wales and then he finds this home which people don’t believe exists and there’s something about a time loop and whatnot and it’s weird coz he falls in love with this girl who likes his grandad and that’s just weird and technically all the children shld be old or dead but they stay the same age forever and idk. it’s kind of boring and then there’s some action but really it wasn’t good enough for me to read the sequel Hollow’s City. i really did want to love it but unfortunately it was just okay. i will watch the movie though..i think that would work well. plus i think Tim Burton is directing it.

Half Bad by Sally Green:

i didn’t realise that the cover was a face until after i read the book…

so Penguin pitched this AS THE BIGGEST BOOK OF THE YEAR and like OMG it’s a big deal so i was a bit apprehensive but yeah it’s pretty good. it’s about Black and White witches. the White witches are good and have good magic while the Black witches are evil and hunted. it’s also set in the UK.  i wasn’t sure if they were talking about BLACK/WHITE as in magic or race because then it would touch on the whole racism thing which would mean the protagonist is mixed race. but he is half white witch (his mum) and half black witch (his dad). i did enjoy it. i didn’t LOVE IT but it’s good. i will probably read the sequel and watch the movie. it’s full of action and there’s some really cute moments but there were some horrific scenes too, coz people can be so mean. =(

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri: 

pretty cover and brilliant collection of short stories

i absolutely LOVE this book. i LOVE short stories and this is a collection of wonderful stories. most of the characters are of Bangladeshi origin or have something to do with Bangladesh so it was interesting to find out more about that culture. stories about family, relationships, friendships, culture and identity, fitting it or being accepted, being a migrant and making a home etc i highly recommend this to anyone who loves short stories or just books about different cultures and just beautiful writing. it takes a while to get into but you NEED to read it slowly to absorb the rich imagery and the beauty of the words.

Popular: A Memoir by Maya van Wagenen



it’s actually NON-FICTION. it’s a social experiment. okay so maya finds this book called How To Be Popular by Betty Cornell from the 1950s. anyways so she’s struggling in middle school and whatnot and her mum suggests she follow this advice and see if it works. so she slowly starts changing…her manners, etiquette, her clothes and make up and hair etc. it’s incredibly brave of her. while reading it i just thought of this song. so it’s actually well written and funny as well as eye opening and it’s just really good and if you’re a nerd like me i still learnt from it even though i’m 20.

the best advice is to JUST BE YOURSELF and HAVE MANNERS and dress to impress YOURSELF and posture is important. don’t change yourself for anyone but strive to be a better person!

Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto:

interesting book about a son’s perspective on his mum’s bipolar

it’s about a guy whose mum has bipolar disorder. they live in india so it’s interesting to see how they deal with mental illness.  it’s quite a weird book since the writing style is kind of like inside the mum’s head. so it’s pretty confusing at times. but yeah it’s emotional and well written but it’s not like the best book ever. like it’s quite sad at times and funny but overall it’s just…painful reading it because it must be so hard to deal with this constant fear that your mum will kill herself or always looking after her and not being able to life your life. but then you feel guilty for thinking that since you do love your mum etc. so yeah it’s about how to live your life and deal with a mum who has a mental illness. NOT for younger readers.

You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher

urgh please no i don’t want ANY of you.

so  thought i’d give this a try and i needed some chick flick to get me through revision and exams. sadly, this book annoyed me too much. so Rob and Ben are best friends and do everything together. along comes Maddy and they both fall in love with her. then they become a trio coz from when they’re 8yrs old and they do everything together. ben is the shy, sensitive type while rob is the outgoing, sociable ladies man type. once they hit puberty it gets awkward. maddy starts developing feelings for rob while ben has harbored this crush for maddy since he was 8. then a school trip to paris changes EVERYTHING. it is so predictable and annoying i just can’t deal i wanted to give up but then i thought it’d get better. it didn’t.

anyways so in university, ben and maddy end up going to the same uni while rob is somewhere else which is strain on maddy and rob’s relationship. then rob does something stupid and maddy does something stupid but they try and make it work but ben confesses his love for maddy and things get cray cray and it’s just full of unnecessary drama and miscommunication. like if people were honest with each other so much crap could be avoided.

the book alternates from Maddy’s POV to Ben’s POV which is unfair to Robert tbh but whatever. the fact is things happen and maddy ends up marrying one of them (read it and find out) but yeah it’s too cliche and some bits were cute but it wasn’t the book for me. also yes Giovanna Fletcher is Tom Fletcher from McFly’s wife.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth:

i don’t like these covers. but anyways this book is fat and half of it was irrelevant.

SO I FINALLY READ THIS AND OMG. it was okay. it was so anticlimactic because you finally find out what’s on the other side of the fence/wall and it’s just another bloody experiment thing and it’s just WHY WSHGFJHDGV. also i was reading it and everything was about genes and i was like WHY IS THIS BOOK SO REDUCTIONIST?! like not everything is biological!!! it’s written from both Tris and Four’s POVs so that’s good but also their relationship needed help they actually needed to TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS AND STUFF instead of just kiss all the time. like sure kissing is nice (i wouldn’t know) but seriously you need to TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF LYING AND PRETENDING YOU’RE OKAY. urgh.


so yes i did tear up but because of the pain of the other people left alive.

and i totally knew Tris would do that…it’s such a TRIS THING TO DO!!!

caleb is the worst character ever i hate him so much. and i really felt sorry for peter. like it’s so messed up.

yeah so it deals with memories and emotions as well as what makes us good or bad people and whether the faction system is effective or if war is inevitable.

i just really feel sorry for Four/Tobias JOHNSON (not eaton anymore!).

this book is just way too long for the stuff that happens like it could have been halved because most of it is boring and irrelevant. also THEY ARE SPLITTING THE MOVIE IN 2. LIKE DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPID THAT IS SINCE NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!! i’ll still watch it though. just for theo james as four. 😉

Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido

interesting read

i wanted a good book to read during revision and my mum recommended this so i tried it. it’s set in the 1980s in the UK about this middle class girl who ends up at her professor’s house and falls in love with one of his sons. and she has no life or personality so ends ups pending all her time with them and their family coz her life is boring and i don’t think she even has friends of her own. anyways it’s well written and it gives you insight to a posh Brtish upper class family who have lots of money but don’t BOAST about it and live like slobs but then are snobs. i did enjoy it and i look forward to reading more books from the author. also there’s some plot twists and it’s actually quite funny.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole age 13 and 3/4 by Sue Townsend

this book is GENIUS!!!

Sue Townsends recently passed away and everyone was raving about Adrian Mole. even my BROTHER has read this book and he hardly reads. so i thought it was about time i read it. THIS BOOK IS HILARIOUS. it is exactly a diary of a 13year old boy who calls himself an ‘intellectual’ and it is just brilliant. it’s set in 1980s in the UK and it’s just so funny and full of madness and his observations are so funny. i just love it. it’s not overrated at all!

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

even funnier than the first book!!!

okay so the sequel is HILARIOUS. even better than the first book! i just love his observations, he writes more poetry and sends i to the BBC and he makes comments like ‘must i live amongst uneducated peasants for the rest of my life?’ -Adrian Mole

oh this book is so funny but there are quite sad moments coz someone died but yeah and his and pandora’s on and off again relationship. he doesn’t realise what a snob she actually is. oh and he goes through some existential crisis when really he’s just jealous of his new baby sister.

i just love the writing and how cleverly it’s written and just yeah. wish  could have met Sue Townsend to thank her for these wonderfully hilarious books. i haven’t read a book this funny in a long time. can’t wait to read the other books.

The Guy Next Door by Meggin Cabot

NOW THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL CHICK LIT!!! cute and funny and just the perfect escape read.

after the failure that is the giovanna fletcher chick lit book i knew meg cabot would restore my faith. AND THIS BOOK IS SO FUNNY AND CUTE AND JUST EVERYTHING A MEG CABOT BOOK SHOULD BE. trust meg cabot to make me laugh and smile. it’s about this girl whose neighbour ENDS UP IN A COMA and she has to look after her pets but then she’s always late for work so she calls her neighbour’s nephew BUT HE IS AN ASSHOLE so he asks his friend to pretend to be him. ooohhhhh things get cray cray. it’s also set in the 1990s so a time before mobile phones and like high speed internet. this book is written in emails but IT WORKS. and it’s so funny. it’s also a MURDER MYSTERY. coz the old lady next door was ATTACKED.

also the guy who pretends to be the nephew is actually some super rich upper eastsider and it’s just so funny his family are all mad and yeah i just really enjoyed this book. if you ARE looking for GOOD CHICK LIT then look no furhter MEG CABOT TO THE RESCUE!!!

The Story of Maha and Maha Ever After by Sumayya Lee

awesome covers

okay so these books are about a Muslim girl growing up in Apartheid South Africa. she has to deal with racism, annoying aunties, boy troubles, crazy friends and growing up as an orphan. it’s really funny but also heartwarming and yeah i look forward to more books by the author!!! Available on Kindle and iPad and Bookstores in South Africa.

don’t forget i’m on Goodreads and check out the Spinebreakers website.

if you live in the UK please check out YALC which FOR THE FIRST TIME there will be AUTHORS at London Comic Con!!! i hope to see Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking), Sally Gardner (I, Coriander), Sally Green (Half Bad), Lucy Christopher (Stolen), Sara Manning (Adorkable), Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park) and many more!

also you should check out the Waterstones and Foyles websites for events. =D

there’s this new campaign called We Need Diverse Books which is pretty good but the thing is…there ARE plenty of diverse books but just not enough publicity or marketing surrounding them. also they are shoved in the sections to do with their country or culture instead of just being YA or fiction so people don’t get to read them. it’s very important to have DIVERSE books because representation is important. i have read only a few books featuring Muslim characters, and barely any about Muslim girls in the UK and the only South African books are always about apartheid and rarely feature South African Indians. so for me, i hardly ever see my own race, ethnicity or religion in books so maybe one day i shall write a book about a Muslim girl growing up in London. so please go and read a book about a different culture or by an author who ISN’T white or male and remember to be conscious about your choices. we need diverse books because i always assume all the characters are white until the author specifically says they aren’t.

I MET JUDY BLUME!! YES LEGENDARY AUTHOR JUDY BLUME. author of the fudge series, are you there God, it’s me Margaret? and my favourite, Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself. it was just so surreal listening to her talk about her books and then i actually SPOKE TO HER and she signed my book. i couldn’t find any of her books at home so we had to buy one but anyways it was just amazing. my mum was in shock because IT’S JUDY BLUME!!! meeting authors is the best. =)



also i am hopefully going to volunteer for Beanstalk and they had this event thing and i got to meet Rowan Coleman and got a free book! she’s lovely, she writes letters to kids encouraging them to read and to know that they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through.

looking forward to read it! =)

looking forward to read it! =)






my reaction???



I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TEARED UP WITH JOY BECAUSE MICHAEL AND MIA GETTING MARRIED AND WEDDING DRESS AND GRADNMERE AND JUST OMG THE FEELS THE CUTE IT’S HAPPENING. mia thermopolis is one of my favourite characters of all time i GREW UP READING THE PRINCESS DIARIES. that series is so special to me. i am so happy and looking forward to June 2015 (eeekkk i will be done with uni then!!!).

TV Shows:

Teen Wolf: wtf. this season was so messed up (okay every season is messed up) but i do not trust malia, why did allison have to die and the twin and like idek anymore. boy did stiles suffer this season it was so messed up and creepy. and scott omgjkfhfgjd poor scott man his best friend and then his first love!!! =(  NEW SEASON STARTS JUNE 23RD.

Arrow: OMG SLADE IS ALIVE AND OUT FOR REVENGE OMG HE IS LEGIT INSANE. ew sarah and oliver were so gross i hate sarah i am so glad she is gone forever. as for laurel she needs to go away too. FELICITY IS MY FAVOURITE. DIGGLE OMG HE IS THE BEST THOUGH I AM SO HAPPY HE IS GONNA BE A DAD!!! oliver queen 😉 and thea is probs gonna turn evil or something now. but OLIVER LOVES FELICTY AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!! FLHKDFJG no i do not just watch it coz the guy is hot but coz it’s quite a good show okay. i watch it with my bro and it’d always have hot chocolate. ah good times. looking forward to the next season. =)

Girls: wtf is this show? so weird but funny i swear hannah needs a slap they all do tbh i feel sorry for shoshanna the most tho. marnie is annoying but no one is more annoying that jessa. SHOHANNAH’S SHOW DOWN WHERE SHE CALLED EVERYONE OUT ON THEIR BS was my fave. i really do feel sorry for hannah coz sometimes she is just so dumb. i was proud of adam for his theatre thing and omg his sister is INSANE and creepy. i actually do like this show. it’s pretty weird and just totally messed up but quite funny and well i’m just hoping they all realise what a bunch of idiots they actually are.

Suits: i still ship donna and harvey and omg poor Lois i actually feel bad for him and shame Mike this is as good as it’s gonna get…with rachel and your job but now if rachel goes what will happen??? well the NEW SEASON STARTS JUNE 11TH.

New Girl: well we all knew it wouldn’t last..poor jess and nick. ans schmidt i felt bad for him but he was being such a douche. and i dnt know i feel coach is so irrelevant and so is winston in this season. BUT CECE’S NEW HOT GUY 😉 idk if i’ll bother with the new season. it’s not as funny as the first season and it’s getting progressively worse.

The Mindy Project: meh i am so disappointed with the season finale like no. of course i loved danny and mindy but then danny was just so jealous and the way he treats mindy sometimes it’s like she isn’t a child but then mindy acts like she needs saving and protecting so i guess idk man danny is kind of controlling. sure he knows her and her quirks but also he is a staunch catholic (altho he has sex before marriage so idk). but this season hasn’t been that great or funny. i I LIKE THE COP GUY OMG HE IS SO HOT AND WHEN HE SAID ‘NO I’M NOT A GUY, I’M A MAN’ IT WAS LIKE WOAH THERE YES YOU ARE 😉

My Mad Fat Diary: season 2 was good. not as good as season 1 but i still enjoyed it. poor Rae tho she is so messed up and i really hated that other guy who was just horrible. she can be so naive sometimes but omg FINN!!! like he legit loves her and she’s like i can’t do this coz you probs don’t like me but he does!!! and chloe man, chloe i felt so bad for her but yeah i get where she’s coming from. this show deals with having issues really well whether it’s self harm, suicide, anxiety etc

awwwwwww the way he looks at Rae 😉

True Blood: finally gotten around to watching season 6 and it just gets more messed up like seriously a vamp camp like where they do sick experiments and just horrible things omg how twisted but eric looks extra hot and billith is hilarious and wtf warlo is kinda 😉 but fairy vampire i mean really?  I TOTALLY KNEW THAT GUY WOULD BE WARLOW AND OMG plot twists galore but sookie is such a bamf i love her. LAST SEASON JUNE 23RD. it’s gonna be sad saying bye to everyone but hopfully it’ll be a good finale!

Orphan Black: THIS IS ACTUALLY A REALLY GOOD SHOW. IT’S ABOUT CLONES!!! WOAH.  sarah and paul otp PAUL 😉 but omg clones and just cray cray yeah experiments BUT WHO IS THE REAL PERSON…is there even an original? i think it’s sarah coz she has a child but idk. i dnt want cosima to die…she must find a cure and oh gosh rachel smh what even is this show. poor helena but she was batshit crazy oh wait THEY ALL ARE. so the current clones are: Sarah, Cosima, Allison and Rachel. in season 2 PAUL GOES TO THE DARK SIDE =( but omg more crazy stuff happens and i just want cosima to be better and FELIX IS MY FAVE OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. it’s such a funny show too like the humour, but mostly it’s dramatic.

Modern Family– so funny and the finale was so cute BUT OMG HAYLEY AND THE NANNY GUY OMG why she deserves to be with someone who will treat her well. Manny is hilarious. they’re all growing up and just aahh PHIL DUNPHY I LOVE HIM.

hahahaha same

Girl Code- this show is gold.

same tbh

Orange is the New Black: wanted to see what all the fuss was about. it’s pretty good. quite funny and’s BASED ON A TRUE STORY  so yeah it’s pretty interesting. about this middle class white woman who ends up in prison for carrying drug money 10 years ago. it think everyone loves it coz it has a diverse cast and it’s an all female cast apart from a few guards who are male. but yeah it’s funny and heartwarming and also pretty gruesome and scary at times. but i think it shows that these ‘criminals’ are in fact human and yes they made bad choices and did bad things but it wasn’t always their fault. also shows the reality of prison life and how hard it can be when you are released adjusting to normal life and finding a  job etc. this show is not for the fainthearted! NEW SEASON STARTS JUNE 6TH

I AM SICK OF TV SHOWS AND MOVIES MAKING SLY ANTI-MUSLIM/ISLAMOPHOBIC COMMENTS…TRYING TO PASS IT OF AS HUMOUR like okay sometimes it’s funny but other times it just becomes racist and if you said so something similar in relation to jews it’d be anti-Semitic so you wouldn’t get away with it. i am tired of Muslims being the scapegoats and enemy like seriously.

Coming this Autumn: Gotham (prequel to Batman) and The Flash (following from Arrow)


American Authors: Believer, Best Day of My Life, Trouble basically their whole album is really good.

The Vamps– their album MEET THE VAMPS is out!!! but tbh the songs aren’t that great like it’s so..pop…instead of indie but maybe their other stuff will be more indie and less pop. Last Night is their latest song. i think they’ll be releasing Somebody To You soon which is one of my fave songs from the album.  my FAVE song is Golden (but the live version) and i really love Another World, Shout About It and Fall.

Kodaline- GOOD STUFF!!! Brand New Day is like the perfect summer song and All I Want is just so beautiful. it’s also on the TFiOS soundtrack.

The 1975Chocolate, The City, Heart Out, Girls and yeah check out their album!

ED SHEERAN’S NEW ALBUM MULTIPLY IS OUT JUNE 23RD. but he was released a few songs such as SING, One, Don’t, Thinking Out Loud  and Friends.

The TFiOS Movie Soundtrack!!! Boom Clap is such a fun song!

Birdy’s songs: Not About Angels and Tee Shirt

and Ed Sheeran’s song All of the Stars is JUST


it’s the end credits song which will make me cry even more.

i’m loving this song atm

Ariana Grande- Problem (her voice is incredible)

this is an old song but i love it:

Your Twenties- Billionaires

and Keaton Stromberg’s (from EMBLEM3) covers:

Cardiac Arrest (Bad Suns)

Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood)

oh and this is an incredible article about tears and how different types of crying produces different tears it’s astounding.

Hope you have a fab week!!!

Happy Reading!


“By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that wasn’t there before. So be you!!” Drew Chadwick

haha Prince George is so cute!

“Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go.” Unknown

perf =)

“I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.” Roald Dahl

pretty much








The Roaring 20s

Hello World (well the like 5 people who read this blog…)

so like i am 20 years old now. i am supposedly an…*whispers* adult.

what is an adult supposed to BE like or FEEL like? um i don’t know anything about taxes or bills (i still live with my parents but i’m still a thug…)

however i DO know how stressful cooking can be (i have to cook once a week for my family) and laundry is terrible (DOES THIS GO IN THE DARKS OR COLOURED PILE???!!!)

but also…controlling ones emotions is rather adultish behaviour right? but i’m such a fangirl so idk…i guess i know when to tone it down so as to not make people think i’m a freak (when meeting people it is important to APPEAR sane and normal but once you know them and they get to know you more they will soon figure out how truly insane and weird i am…)

so yes i will probably be one of the old people at premieres and concerts and author events. and that is perfectly fine because why should my age stop me from doing the things that i like?

i still read YA…because i AM A YOUNG ADULT.

but also the end of my teenage years…so the THE ROARING 20s…here i come.

as in...things i hope till happen in my 20s: GRADUATE FROM UNIVERSITY WITH A FIRST, get a god job or do various awesome jobs with valuable experience, make more friends, travel, get married and continue to do the things i love like reading and baking.

this quote perfectly sums it up:

“I think your 20s are the hardest part of life. I mean, everyone goes on about how hard it is to be a teenager, but actually I think it’s tougher to be in your 20s because you’re expected to be a grownup and expected to earn your own living and be successful and I think you feel like a kid still.” Nigel Cole

ANYWAYS so i turned 20 on the 19th of January and this was the first birthday id idn’t have a party or do a big thing (usually my parties consist of movie and singstar and food with friends)

so on Saturday i went out to eat with two of my awesome friends. we had a good catch up and we went to this placed called Afters (which i hate) which is a dessert place and we had fun chatting for ages (i think the waiters were looking at us but we hardly noticed) and i was happy coz they played Taylor Swift and The Vamps. =D idk it’s funny that when i’m with some of my friends we always en dup talking about marriage even tho none of us are actually READY to get married…i mean…commitment and ONE GUY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and like SHARING A BED and what weird habits will he have and just omg it is so weird and scary but then i am a hopeless romantic and i can’t wait to fall in love.

like I’ve had my fair share of crushes but i haven’t fallen in love yet.

so Saturday was awesome spending it with some of my friends.

saturday night i opened some presents:



I GOT LOAD OF BAKING STUFF (timer, baking trays, baking bowls, piping set) and even though i turned 20 i still got stickers and i got some jewellery and a wonderful £20 Accessorize gift card (i already bought one ring) and 2 Waterstones gift cards (i spoilt myself and already spent them both!)

then on Sunday when i got up to like a million lovely birthday messages coz you know every1 makes you feel so loved and special.

we had Sunday Brunch in our pyjamas! Roast Lamb with Potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding!!! which was delicious.

then i got dressed (i showered first of course!)

i wore this awesome Sequined top from Mango and my new dark pink jeans from Primark.

Birthday Outfit

Birthday Outfit

then i just chilled, check my messages and at later in the afternoon we had CAKE!!! my friend came over and she gave me her present!!! and then we had tea and cake.

my mum made me a Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet Cake Flowers and Stars (instead of cake balls they’re shaped!!!)

Birthday Cake!!!

Birthday Cake!!!

some more presents:



my friend got me an Adventure Games shirt (when fandoms collide. The Hunger Games and Adventure Time) and another friend got me a Catching Fire Quote Cushion.

also A PEACE, LOVE AND CUPCAKES jewellery box which is just so me. =D

and the Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume gift set which i LOVE!!!

some panda gloves to keep my hands nice and toasty

and of course BOOKS: Allegiant by Veronica Roth (i’m dreading reading this coz i know what happens…), Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and The Novel Cure (a book for every occasion/emotion!!!)

Books Glorious Books

Books Glorious Books

i wore my Adventure Games shirt the other day:

i love how peeta is holding a loaf of bread

i love how peeta is holding a loaf of bread

anyways so i went to Waterstones Gower Street (the one by my uni) and i bought some books

although i got Cress from Spinebreakers



and i saw this cute sign



so yeah my birthday was spent with my family, i spoke to my grandparents and cousins (my cousin also turned 11) and yeah it was simple and low-key but nice. =) Alhamdulilah.

oh and i was lucky enough to recieve a Golden Ticket from Spinebreakers to this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory event at the Penguin HQ;  convo with Lucy Mangan (the guardian and stylist) and Luke Kelly (Roald Dahl’s grandson. 2014 is the 50th Anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


awesome decor

awesome decor

and we got some stickers!!!



i love the Oompa Loompa song

anyways so i really enjoyed the event because they had CHOCOLATE (Quality Street)


and it was quite funny and v.interesting and nice to reminisce on the wonder that is Roald Dahl and his amazing books. check out the @Spinebreakers twitter for more pics and competitions.

oh i went to the SOAS Spoken Word Night…it’s usually the last tuesday of every month and it’s open to everyone from 7:30-10pm and it’s really awesome they also have an open mic slot. i don’t do spoken word but i do enjoy listening to it.

like this one below by Sarah Kaye and Philip Kay

When Love Arrives

on to some Book Reviews!!!

Cress (Lunar Chronicles 3) by Marissa Meyer

i really love this cover

so this book. i really enjoyed it. it was told from different POVs which i usually like because you get different perspectives.

my fave is still Cinder and Emperor Kai. and i really hate Queen Levana. and Cress was annoying at first (also sadly her her was cut shortly after her rescue) and Captain Thorne is hilarious but something MAJOR happened to him and idk if it will be ‘fixed’ or not but idk how he just…got over it so quickly…desperate times i guess.

and Scarlett..poor scarlett and wolf. =(

so basically Cinder and her crew are trying to stop the wedding of Queen Levana and Emperor Kai…and there are lots of plot twists, funny moments, sad moments and action packed moments. so if you’ve read the other two (Cinder and Scarlett) then you should read this. or if you like fairytales. since Cress is a take on Rapunzel but Cress was locked in a satellite for 7 years…fun times. that would make any1 go mad…

i am just really happy for Iko and also Cinder and Kai are adorbs. excited for Winter (2015) and hopefully it’ll be a good ending to this series. =D

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

pleasantly surprised by this book

so i didn’t really know what to expect when reading this book (got it from Spinebreakers) and i found myself to be pleasantly surprised. i enjoyed it. it’s really quite sad but also funny and cute but just really emotional..i thought i was gonna cry on more than one occasion. it also made me angry and everything because why must people be so mean or why do people have to suffer but also really grateful for every little thing that i have and all the opportunities i have been blessed with.

so what is it about? well this single mum who is such a bamf because she has 2 jobs and loves her kids and does everything she can for them and she’s quite funny too…and then there’s some weird coincidence (or fate?) and long story short THE GUY WHOSE HOUSE SHE CLEANS ENDS UP DRIVING HER, HER TWO KIDS AND DOG TO SCOTLAND FOR A MATHS COMPETITION because her daughter is a maths genius. hilarity ensues, plenty of cringe-worthy moments but also sweet, endearing moments and yeah it’s not a bad book.

if you like romcoms and chick lit then read this but also if you want a story about allowing yourself to fall in love then give this a go. =)

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

love the cover

love the cover

this book came out last year in the US and i waited till January to get it in the UK and i am so proud of myself for waiting for so long. and it’s rainbow rowell so naturally i had high hopes plus every1 else was raving about it.

i did enjoy it it. it reminded me a lot of my first year of uni (it wasn’t exactly the best year) and fangirling over books and stuff…but Simon Snow (basically Harry Potter) is Cather’s life…and that is a bit much like i mean it’s all fine and well to write fanfiction but don’t let that TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE. and i mean it should be common sense that when you take a fiction writing class you submit your own work not fanfiction…i mean really…

but Cath was kind of annoying. i felt sorry for her but when i read books i wonder if i will be friends with that character irl and no i probs wouldn’t. i like her roommate Reagan. and of course Levi is actually adorable. there’s something about guys in plaid shirts…

anyways so the book is basically about Cath and her life at uni/struggling to find a place in the world/looking after her dad/trying to enjoy uni/writing fanfiction/avoiding everything/hating her mother

so i enjoyed most of it and some parts were super adorable and kjdhfkjhgkjd but some stuff was just unresolved and like i hated the ending. so…if you haven’t read any Rainbow Rowell GO AND READ ELEANOR AND PARK THAT BOOK IS BEAUTIFUL.

How They Met and Other Stories by David Levithan

cute cover

so i picked up this book coz it was Buy One Get One Half Price at Waterstones and i’ve read some other David Levithan books so i was like yay cute love stories. and yeah i enjoyed some of them like falling in love, about crushes and how grandparents fell in love. just so you know there are some gay/lesbian love stories…which are pretty graphic so yeah.

i did start Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut but i couldn’t get into it even though it’s really short. plus i got this new book from Spinebreakers so now i am

Currently Reading:  Half Bad by Sally Green

Movie/TV stuff:

idk why i did this to myself

Instructions Not Included



anyways…don’t watch it unless you want to cry forever.

Thor: The Dark World- it was really funny and i love Loki and Thor and just yeah it was a good sequel. =)

also crappy movie nights con mi amiga 

so we literally find the worst movies and we watch them together (via facetime since we don’t live in the same city…so we watch the same movie and we talk about it on facetime it’s hilarious)

so far we’ve seen: Safe Haven (nicholas sparks…omg this woman murdered someone or not woah plot twist wow he so likes her omg hat now um okay yes aww the girl is cute omg his daughter ships them lol what is with his son tho so rude omg noo are you dumb tho well that was unexpected okay then wow…5/10), The House Bunny (omg i heard great things about this movie…the only great thing is emma stone and even her character was such a wannabe and just no it was painful to watch because DO NOT CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYONE but yourself ie wear nice clothes and make up for yourself to feel confident but you don’t have to change everything about yourself and just yeah it wasn’t even that funny it was just weird…like 3/10),  Fun Size (idek why we watched this movie it was so bad like wtf who just randomly loses their brother????? and did they have no concept of stranger danger????? um weird movie and zero hot guys and omg woah plot twist NOT but seriously wtf was that? 1/10), Labour Pains (starring the fab Lindsay lohan, one of her finest movies yet she pretends to be pregnant so she can keep her job then actually believes she is pregnant and falls in love with her boss wow wow wow so great wtf was that movie i mean it was so weird and bridgit mendler was in it too like maybe 3/10) and omg  The Wedding Pact (literally at the end of uni these friends say okay if we’re not married in 10yrs we shld marry each other and then they dnt talk for 10yrs and the guy is like well i aint married yet so lemme check if she is and yeah so he finds her n she is gonna get married but obv doesnt and just wtf was that movie starring hayley duff like please no 1/10) and then  Pretty Woman (it wasn’t THAT bad but it’s definitely overrated! like i love the shopping and stuff but some parts were so stupid and idk it’s meant to be so romantic but not really they knew each other for a week seriously like 5/10) and Beauty and the Briefcase (idek how we find these movies but like hilary duff stars in this fab movie about a woman who goes undercover in the business world to date as men many in suits just so she can write an article in cosmo like that is it and idek it was so weird 4/10)

and we have plenty more to watch LOL

we’re literally like



so there’s a new Divergent trailer

the movie is out April 4th in the UK

but more importantly…


leave me alone to cry forever.


‘his smile could stop wars and cure cancer’ WHY WHY WHYSUKDJFHDJGDJHF STOPAW RLHWRGDFKJ NOPE



“You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.”



can we talk about how beautiful Taylor Swift’s Grammy Performance was???

All Too Well

shocked that Tay didnt win any Grammys but happy for Lorde and Imagine Dragons


but OH MY GLOB THE MINDY PROJECT!!! so happy it finally happened but at the same time…wtf mindy is just oh yes i am in love with cliff or not…what MAKE UP YOUR MIND..but will it last? i love danny he is adorbs and he loves mindy it’s so is when you want to be a better person etc ejhddjh urgh so cute…he didn’t want to imagine life without mindy basically.

Teen Wolf. i don’t even know what to say HOW IS THIS SHOW SO PAINFUL AND SAD AND CREEPY those shadow things terrified me and omg stiles poor stiles but evil stiles is so hot but omg can dylan o’brien act i can’t wait to see him in the maze runner!!! but seriously. this show is crazy intense.

this is a very important article about women respecting other women!

a snippet from the article: You are not your age, your weight, your hair, your skin or your clothes. You are not your favourite magazine’s opinion of you, you’re not what your ex-boyfriend thought of you or what your current boyfriend thinks you should be. You aren’t any of that. It’s that simple. Really. So, what are you, then? That’s for you to decide. Learn to value the things in yourself and others that people would have you believe aren’t worthwhile.” Jennifer Still

also another one about Labelling women as ‘crazy’

and #LifeofaMuslimFemenist

anyways hope you’ve enjoyed this long rambly post. thanks for reading. =)

Have a great weekend and week. hope it’s not too cold (polar vortex) or wet (floods) or hot (heatwave) and you’ve having fun and enjoying life.

Happy Reading!


p.s Hermione and Ron make sense Hermione and Ron are perf, they balance each other out and it’s normal to argue and fight and hellooo marriage counseling is totes okay. so idc what J.K.Rowling said

Peeta Mellark ❤

“Stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth, and your attitude.” Mandy Hale.

“In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.” Ben Aaronovitch


I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the day.Emile Hirsch