10 Authors I’d Love To Meet

Hello there.

I’ve been lucky enough to have met some of my favourite authors from Meg Cabot and Karen McCombie to John Green and Patrick Ness. That’s one of the best things about living in London is being able to go to author events so I can say thank you in person!

But there are some authors who still haven’t visited London or I still haven’t met:

1) Markus Zusak

I NEED to meet him so I can thank him for writing The Book Thief and also tell him how much I hate him for Rudy. But just so I can tell him in person what an incredible book The Book Thief is and also I Am The Messenger. I thought maybe he’d come to the UK for the 10th anniversary of The Book Thief but NO. One day…I’ll have to try to stop myself from crying tbh


2) Isabel Allende

The House of the Spirits is still my 2nd fave book after The Book Thief and her writing is absolutely scintillating. I would love to meet this incredible woman to thank her for her stories.

3) Randa Abdel-Fattah

I need to thank her for writing Does My Head Look Big in This? because it was one of the first books I read featuring a Muslim girl as the protagonist and it was just so so wonderful for my teenage self to have read that and find a book that I could relate to on a different level.

4) Suzanne Collins

I need to meet her to thank her for Peeta Mellark who is everything. Also, because THG trilogy is one of my faves and it would be amazing to meet her AND GET MY BOOKS SIGNED.


5) Melina Marchetta

I would LOVE to meet Melina Marchetta so I can tell her she needs to write another book about the people of Lumatere or set in that world. Also, to thank her for writing such beautiful books that deal with such difficult issues.

6) Libba Bray

I have been wanting to meet Libba Bray since I read the Gemma Doyle trilogy in school. HER BOOKS ARE AMAZING and also really funny. She’s such a brilliant author!

7) Laini Taylor

It would be great to meet Laini Taylor so I can thank her for the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy which was JUST SO DAMN GOOD. I’m hoping she will come to the UK next year as she has a new book out in March!

8) Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo has been great at replying on twitter but I would love to meet her IRL and thank her for creating Inej Ghafa and for Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. GREAT NEWS BECAUSE LEIGH BARDUGO IS COMING TO THE UK and the London tickets were sold out but then my friend told me they released new ones but with a restricted view BUT I STILL GET TO SEE LEIGH BARDUGO. I really hope I manage to get one of my books signed.


after reading Crooked Kingdom????!!!!

9) Marissa Meyer

Would love to thank her in person for writing The Lunar Chronicles and obviously get my books signed!

10) Gabrielle Zevin

Would love to thank her for the Birthright trilogy and The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry which is one of my fave books.


Have you met any authors? Which authors would you love to meet?

Happy Reading



 p.s I’m currently reading The Good Immigrant so expect a review soon!



Introducing Cassava Republic Press UK

Hello everyone.

Hope you have been having an amazing 2016 so far despite all the horrendous things going on in the world (plenty of goof things still happen).

I’d like to just tell you about this wonderful Nigerian publishing company that is launching in the UK.

Cassava Republic Press is a Nigerian publishing company that started in 2006 and now they’re opening a branch in London. Woohoo.

Their motto is ‘feeding the African imagination’ which i think is great because people in Africa (the whole continent) need food for the soul too and what is better than stories? Many cultures have oral storytelling but there are still plenty of people who WANT to read books but accessibility and availability is often a problem.

CRP is founded by Bibi Bakare-Yusuf and Jeremey Weate and they both run the company along with Emma Shercliff. It’s amazing how far they have come since it is such a small company.👏🏽

So what kind of books do they publish?

  1. Literary Fiction
  2. Cassava Crime
  3. Ankara Romance
  4. Cassava Kids/Children’s (including YA)
  5. Non-fiction

So their romance imprint Ankara Press features strong independent black women which is awesome as it portrays ‘a new kind of romance’ featuring young black characters. so if that is your thing then give their books a try. The ebooks are available on their website and amazon and the print books will be out in July in the UK.

Launch Books:

CRP UK Launch Titles

Since their official launch is April 2016 they are releasing 5 books.

  1. Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun by Sarah Ladipo Manyika
  2. Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John
  3. Easy Motion Tourist by Leye Adenle
  4. Princess Arabella’s Birthday by Mylo Freeman 
  5. Princess Arabella Mixes Colours by Mylo Freeman

Princess Arabella is adorable and the illustrations are really cute so kids will definitely love her!

Like a Mule is an amazing book because it is so diverse! It has multiple narrators but the main one is Dr Morayo, a 74 year old woman who loves books and drives a Porsche! She also interacts with so many different people and it’s just such an uplifting novel! Plus the cover is really pretty.

Born on a Tuesday is incredible. it’s such a haunting coming of age story set in Northern Nigeria and deals with various issues from friendship and loss to fundamentalism and faith.

Easy Motion Tourist is a thrilling crime novel about organ trafficking in Lagos. Amaka is such a badass character and I just love her. Hope there are more books featuring Amaka as I’d defo like to see more from her!


the launch authors are also going to be coming to the UK for a book tour which is exciting!

  1. Oxford Literary Festival
  2. Cambridge Literary Festival
  3. Waterstones Piccadilly
  4. Dulwich Books
  5. Book & Kitchen
  6. The Alligator’s Mouth Bookshop

I’m so excited for their launch and they will be open for submissions probably by the end of April so if you have a story in you then get writing!

All their books are OUT NOW and should be available in all good bookshops (including Waterstones and Foyles) and online (wordery and amazon).

They also have Giveaways on Goodreads for UK readers so ENTER NOW!!!

Also, if you have read their books or are going to then please don’t forget to leave a review on amazon and goodreads because authors really do appreciate it.

Social Media:

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Anyways, hope everyone has a fabulous April full of sunshine and smiles!

Happy Reading!



‘Books are what I love most.’Sarah Ladipo Manyika (Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun)

Cassava Republic Press Books