Why You Should Read The Throne of Glass Series

Hey there fellow bibliophiles!

Okay, so i HATE finishing a series or trilogy and having to say goodbye to some of my fave characters. But sadly that is part of the joy of reading…finally ending a series and hoping they get a good ending. So a few years ago I finished the Graceling Trilogy (Kriston Cashore) and Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy (Laini Taylor) and so I needed something to fill the gap of badass female heroine.

Along comes Celaena Sardothien.

Last year, I heard about Throne of Glass but wasn’t too sure about it so I asked some friends who have read it if it is worth it. They said yes.

She recommended that I read the prequel first so I did. THEN I NEEDED THE FIRST BOOK ASAP.

So…what is it about?

The series is about a girl called Celaena Sardothien who is an ASSASSIN and she literally slays. So yeah it’s about her life and the people she meets and the THINGS THAT HAPPEN…magical things…yeah it’s one of those books where she finds out about her past and uncovers the truth etc BUT IT IS REALLY GOOD.

Reasons to love Celaena Sardothien:

  • she loves books
  • she’s a BAMF because she slays
  • she loves pretty things…clothes..jewellery…anything sparkly and expensive
  • she loves shopping
  • she loves chocolate
  • she is not afraid to ask for what she wants
  • she is so cool you wish you were as cool as her
  • she loves puppies
  • she cares about her friends
  • she’s confident
  • she’s really pretty and owns it…
  • she is flawed but learns from her mistakes…and sometimes she doesn’t
  • she’s been through so much and yet she can still smile and open her heart to new people

I can totes see Celaena rocking some Elie Saab dress while eating a box of chocolates.

This is also definitely something she would love!

SHE is the reason I fell in love with this series. But sadly…a lot has changed as the books have progressed and since reading the latest book Queen of Shadows…I don’t feel the same way about the character. and that breaks my heart because I honestly thought she would be in my list of fave female characters.

List of fave characters:

  • Celaena
  • Sam
  • Chaol
  • Prince Dorian
  • Nehemia
  • Fleetfoot
  • Lysandra (wait till Queen of Shadows)

Notable mentions: Nesryn and Manon (in Queen of Shadows)

Aedion is okay and Rowan was awesome in Heir of Fire but I did not care for him in Queen of Shadows.

The Books:

The Prequel: The Assassin’s Blade

This is the collection of 5 novellas.

I suggest you read it first as it gives you a background to the character Celeana and how she ended up where she is in Throne of Glass. Also…read it for Sam.

My fave story is the The Assassin and The Desert because she gets to meet some interesting people and learn cool skills.

and the ending of the book will kill you so you have been warned.

Throne of Glass

Technically the first book in the series. This is where Celaena leaves Endovier (slave camp) to fight to become the King’s Champion…even though she hates the king. she meets Prince Dorian who is an adorable puppy (not really he is just so lovely because he gives her books and chocolate) and Captain Chaol (who I love for many reasons).

Princess Nehemia is amazing. not only is she a beautiful black princess but she is just such a cool character and I love her.

It’s a good fantasy novel because Celaena is training to fight and get back on her own two feet and also learning to trust more people and finding out about magic and stuff. It will break your heart though.

Crown of Midnight

This is my fave book in the series because Chaoleana

but also the friendships are more developed and I just love it so much. It’s also one of the most painful books because PEOPLE DIE ESPECIALLY ONE OF MY FAVE CHARACTERS.

This is one of those books that lure you with their gripping plot and excellent writing and characterisation only to leave you screaming and crying and clutching your broken heart in pain.

Oh and there are plenty of plot twists and more questions that need answering.

Heir of Fire

This follows Celaena as she finds out more about her past and the truth about who she is. It’s also sad because my fave characters aren’t together…like it was awesome when it was Chaol, Dorian, Celaena and Nehemia having a great time but THAT CAN’T HAPPEN AGAIN.

You meet new characters like Rowan who is really important and plays a huge role in helping Celaena be the person she becomes.

Manon is also introduced as a witch but I wasn’t particularly interested in her narrative in this book.


Queen of Shadows

This was honestly one of the most highly anticipated books of 2015 for me. and I am actually quite disappointed.

The characters have changed DRASTICALLY.

Celaena isn’t Celaena anymore and although I liked the new her in Heir of Fire…in this book it is such a huge shift and it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t feel the same love I felt for her character in the first few books. and I hate that. because the whole reason I love this series is because of the character Celaena. and Sarah J Maas took that away from us.

Chaol is portrayed as a douchebag in this book and that is not okay. Thankfully he redeems himself by the end but still I am so annoyed with her portrayal of him because he is my fave.

It is horrendous what happens to Dorian and I’m not so sure if it will end well…

I love Manon in this book and I am excited to see what happens with her character and the Blackbeak Clan.

Nesryn is a really cool POC character and she has great archery skills and her dad is a baker so Katniss and Peeta could be her parents LOL.

Rowan and Aedion were being too macho overprotective males in this book.

Lysandra is amazing and I love her in this book. Also she has the coolest power ever *spoiler alert* (She’s a shapeshifter!)

This book is also told from multiple narratives…lots of things happen and there’s a few plot twists but most importantly TWO MAJOR CHARACTERS DIE but it feels too good to be true.

Overall I was shocked at how Sarah J Maas changed the characters do dramatically from the previous books and I don’t know how I feel about the rest of the series. not very optimistic but I will probably read the next book. I mean the endings was pretty good but for 90% of the novel I was annoyed and shocked.

You should still read this series because Celaena is worth knowing despite the pain and change in character. She’s a character that can kick ass and also loves wearing pretty dresses and loves reading and I think that’s hard to find in YA because usually it’s one or the other…you can’t look pretty AND be a good fighter AND love books AND have crushes on cute guys…


Sarah J Maas has also written another faerie series called  A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR). It’s definitely a book for people who love topless guys and romance.

Also, Sarah J Maas can write. Her world building is great but also her characters especially female characters and obviously hot guys and her descriptions…her stories are gripping and well written.

I was lucky enough to meet Sarah J Mass at Waterstones Picadilly in May.

Unfortunately, we didn’t realise we had to queue outside so we didn’t get seats in the front…we were in the 5th row which was pretty bad as the queue for the book signing was insanely long! But we had good enough seats that we could see her and hear her fine.

Sarah J Maas is SO SO SO PRETTY…she reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence.

Sarah J Maas

  • She is also hilarious
  • Her dog Annie is her life
  • She loves unicorns and magic
  • When she was younger she was torn between being a girly girl and being a tomboy and she thought that you had to choose between the two (ie you couldn’t be a girl and like dorky stuff like Star Wars)
  • She stopped reading for a while and her teacher told her parents to take her to a bookstore and just let her wander and choose whatever she wants
  • First fantasy books she read were by Garth Nix and Tamora Pierce because they portrayed badass female characters
  • Celaena is her baby and best friend and she loves her and she knows exactly where the series will end (!!!)
  • She said Throne of Glass won’t end with Celaena/Aelin choosing who she ends up with (which is a good thing)
  • But a lot of characters will die she kept on teasing us saying ‘IF they survive..’
  • ACOTAR 2 will have more hot shirtless men and 100% more sexy times
  • When her grandma read ACOTAR she sent an email to her and the family saying ‘what an imagination!’
  • She wrote ACOTAR after college.
  • She’s a workaholic
  • She loves Cheetos and she eats a lot of cheese when she is stuck with a book
  • Her best friend is Susan Dennard who has a book out next year called Truthwitch.
  • If Celaena and Feyre met they would probably be like 2 cats meeting…either fighting or sniffing each others butts or staring at each other. But she said they’d probably become allies not BFFs and would scare men away.
  • She loves reading paranormal romance books
  • None of the characters are based on people she knows but many of the characters who die have names of people who bullied her friends
  • She has her own copy of Throne of Glass which she asks the fans to sign (it is so cute and has so many messages)
  • Someone asked who her OTP is but she obviously didn’t say (it’s Rowaelin)
  • She writes the kinds of books she wants to read and I think that is so important
  • She doesn’t know when the TOG series will end so there will be lots of books to come I am sure!

She is so friendly and super funny and just really cute and she had this stunning sparkly jaguar ring and she was signing nonstop and was so excited that her London event was sold out even her parents were impressed (apparently they aren’t impressed with much).

It took us over an hour to actually get to meet her and have our books signed…and we were really hungry and tired by then! The shop closes at 9pm but they said they’d close at 10pm but there were still loads of people after us and so there were probably quite a few people who didn’t get their books signed. That sucks because we paid for the event and to get our books signed. But Alhamdulilah I managed to get mine signed! She also was nice enough to sign my book bag!!!

signed throne of glass book

I’m glad I got to meet her BEFORE Queen of Shadows because i probably wouldn’t have been as happy to see her…

Check out her website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Happy Reading!

“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.” Sarah J. Maas
“Don’t you do anything other than read?” Sarah J. Mass



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