i hope this post finds you well and if not


if that doesn’t work then …

Finnick (Sam Claflin) and Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in Catching Fire still

come on…that smile…those dimples…HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE FINNICK ODAIR?!

yeah so lionsgate decided to give us a heart attack and release some CF stills…

you can read the full EW article here

jennifer lawrence is perfect your argument is invalid. basically she’s been nominated for an oscar and she won like a critics choice award and THG won like 6 people’s choice awards.

Jennifer and Josh at the PCAs

it’s been a stressful past weeks but Alhamdulilah i’m good now i think this year…i’m gonna try and be more positive and inspiring and LESS LAZY

so on to the post…

if you don’t already know

i am obsessed with youtube

and there are a few youtubers/vloggers i am particularly obsessed with: CLICK ON LINKS TO GO TO ONE OF MY FAVOURITE VIDEOS

WARNING: SOME VIDEOS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE YOUNGER THAN 12. if you’re younger than 12 why are you on my blog? go out and play? read a book? WHAT DID I DO WHEN I WAS 11? draw. a lot of bad drawings but i loved drawing.


charlie talks about being introverted and how he is shy in real life but youtube has helped him grow as a person. i love Charlie McDonnell not just because he is a hilariously hot nerdy dude who sings and plays guitar and is a nerdfighter and reads books but because he is just a genuinely nice guy and i hope one day to meet him…accidentally on the tube…and he’ll fall in love with me. Charlie is basically the perfect guy for me…he’s more realistic than Josh i mean AT LEAST WE LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY.


so that is Dan Howell who i also have a crush on for his pure awesomeness and his smile and just yeah. his videos are funny and this is about hardcore internet fans…i am not THAT bad but i am a fangirl and i am proud to be enthusiastic and passionate about things i like because life is boring otherwise. so haters gonna hate. also he’s moved to london so yeah…daydreaming about meeting him on the tube someday LOL.


so. John and Hank Green are two incredibly awesome and amazing brothers. john is an author. hank is not. but their plan is to rid the world of suck. they are king of the nerdfighters. watch their videos. every week. they are hilarious and intelligent and just super awesome and inspiring. also crazy. totally insane. brilliantly insane.


this is basically john and hank green teaching you stuff in a fun, interactive and engaging way. ie not boring

from history to science to literature. excellent videos to show in class or to revise from or just get someย  background knowledge. also hilarity ensues.


she basically talks about what happens after reading certain books. how do you continue to live your life?! can you ever get over the death of fictional characters? no i live in a permanent state of denial.


she is the sister of tom fletcher yes the dude from mcfly. she sings too. this is one of my fave songs Boys in Books

that song is my jam. boys in books are just better. UNLESS WAIT *GASP* I FIND SOMEONE BETTER? better than peeta mellark and augustus waters?

LOL she is awesome and her vids are funny and she’s just adorable


Jack Harries

Finn Harries





basically they’re these two hot guys and they’re really funny and adorable and cool and weird and they look like models and they do youtube videos and travel a lot and i just love them. i also fantasise about accidentally meeting them on the tube…


if you love hummus watch this

my friend and i…it’s our dance. i have never been once to learn dance moves as a kid but this…yeah i learn it when i was 17 or something and yeah it’s the best dance ever also just i don’t know hummus dance…HAHAHA I BET YOU THOUGHT I WASN’T REALLY THAT CRAZY. ha. you’re wrong.

the saaalllaaammmm is the new waaazzaaappp is also funny. yeah just some middle eastern/american dude doing funny youtube videos.


he’s a dude named phil. and he’s pretty amazing. amazingly weird. he’s also chums with danisnotonfire

and you thought i was weird. oh wait i am. i make funny faces to make myself laugh…not in public of course.

i liked this guy luanlegacy for a while coz his vids were hilarious but too much swearing. and got kinda boring.

and some of my fave videos happen to be animal ones or proposals

pandas on a slide

cat hugging kitten

Slow loris tickle

this prank is hilarious

sweet brown’s cold pop escape aka AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT

bed intruder and there is a SONG

bon qui qui King Burger -RUDE

can i have your number?

daayyuummmnn girl the back of your head is RIDICULOUS ๐Ÿ˜‰

and yeah i use youtube for listening to music but then i can get distracted and watch random videos


cat using hedgehog as a brush

funny cats compilation

yes because i am a crazy cat lady AND PROUD

so anyways Tom Fletcher from McFly just got married and this was his wedding speech/song

talk about *swooooonnnnn*ย  i was crying because it is SO CUTE


anyways this week is going to be good because i’m going to see Les Miserables with my friends and then my birthday is on 19th jan so my friends are coming over to watch Pitch Perfect. yay and i think my mum and peeta are baking marshmallow cupcakes. nomnomnom.

ALSO: february my grandparents are coming to visit for 2 weeks yay AND i’m going to see John and Hank Green. SO. EXCITED. ASDFGHJKL;


first week back at uni wasn’t too bad Alhamdulialh =) no friends yet but i’m not sad anymore..i think i’m back to my old self woop.

anyways have a lovely weekend and week ahead. wishing you all a lovely January.

keep warm if it’s cold or keep cool and hydrated if it’s hot.


Happy Reading

well obviously.

basically me.

yeah you tell em josh ๐Ÿ˜‰

and lastly

this is a valid excuse/reason for ANYTHING

hank green everyone

thanks for reading this. =)

so if this post has introduced to, to many wonderful hours spent on youtube procrastinating your life away pining over guys who live far away from you or authors who you love or people you want to be friends with

sadie says it sarcastically. i mean it genuinely. lol

โ€œWhen we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.โ€ย Dalai Lama

โ€œIt takes a lot of guts to stand up anonymously in a western democracy and call for things no one else believes in – like peace and justice and freedom.โ€ย Banksy

โ€œA man told me that for a woman, I was very opinionated. I said, โ€˜for a man youโ€™re kind of ignorantโ€™.โ€ย Anne Hathaway


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