Hello there

so this post is all about yep you guessed it CHANGE.

it happens all the time it’s part of life you just have to group up and embrace it. it’s not easy but hey it has to be done.

resisting change just makes it harder so it’s better to DEAL WITH IT

so what is changing in my life?

well i’m going to university in a week

some of my friends have left London to go to university in other parts of the country like Manchester or Southampton and sure they’re just a train ride away but still.

it’s not school anymore you’re not with the same people

and going to a place like SOAS means not just anyone gets accepted.

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.” Stephen Chbosky

so basically change isn’t easy and of course if they’re my friends i will make an effort to stay in contact with them and i hope they feel the same way too. plus with technology such as skype, fb, twitter and google plus it’s easy but it’s just making the effort.

also change from high school/secondary school to university it’s a big step.

i mean i’m so glad i survived high school/secondary school and now i’m ready for this…studying something i love and meeting new people.

though making friends again. it’s not easy. i’m not exactly socially awkward but i don’t make friends that easy.

i’m okay being alone with my book and food but it IS nice to have a conversation.Β  not small talk…that is so frustrating being polite and small talk it really annoys me coz i’m just like ‘i have much better things to do than small talk…’ iΒ  like having conversation of substance,debating or fangirling haha. shared interests and ideas etc but it’s not easy to meet people like minded or who challenge you mentally.

of course i have high standards. not just in a future husband but in friends too. i guess you just grow up and realise that some friends don’t make the effort so why bother? if they cared about you enough they would but clearly they don’t. actions speak louder than words.

so i may be 18, i’m not that mature but i’m fairly mature. i do give a damn about other people. i don’t just care about myself. i like to educate myself and learn about what is going on in the world because it’s my responsibility as a human being to CARE. the sad thing in life is that a lot of people don’t care and that’s why one of the reasons why there’s so much hate in the world.

so yes. change. it’s scary but it’s inevitable nothing you can do but accept it.

Hannah Montana Has Spoken =P

hope everyone has had a lovely weekend

have a good week.


Happy Reading


here are some songs called Change they may or may not have any relevance to this post LOL enjoy


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