Never Grow Up


so this post is all about me growing up and how you just have to deal with it

so to all those teenagers who read my blog i bet you wish you had your childhood back.

to all those adults who read my blog- how do you stay forever young at heart?

don’t you just miss the good old days?

looking back at my childhood i know i had some great times and my mum tried to give me the best childhood ever. i was spoilt by my grandparents and my older bro looked after me and cared for me.

but i left South Africa when i was 8 years old and came to the UK.

that’s when i discovered my love for reading.

but i was born in the 90s. and i just find it funny how i used to get up at 6/7am in the morning just to watch cartoons (THERE WAS NO RECORDING OF TV LOL)

my brother and i used to make our cereal and sit in front of the tv for hours and just laugh and have fun. =)

i used to LOVE art when i was a kid too. i had so many art sets with crayons and felt tips and pastels and paint and all of that.  i used to draw a lot too and colouring in was so much fun.

remember those clapping games and skipping i used to love to skip and playing with chalk…

good times =D

okay so i didn’t have many friends growing up i was a naive broken little girl who was so confused and pretty much the outcast. i found it hard to make friends and talk to other people and to basically socialise.

however i always had like 1 or 2 friends but people always come and go from your life. growing up means you have to learn to let go of the past. you have to learn from everything you’ve done and that there is no such thing as Best Friends Forever…it’s 5ever haha just kidding.

i don’t know how many i’ve had. never lasted. ever.

so now i’m 18 and going to start university, no i’m not moving out because it’s much cheaper and easier to stay at home plus i can’t live away from my cat…i’m not ready to leave home just as yet. however i have grown up. i do have lots of independence and freedom alhamdulilah i’m grateful for that.

i don’t think i’d be this awesome person that i am today if i still lived in SA. let’s face it…that’s not the best place to grow up. so kudos to those who have survived and who are awesome. like my one friend from childhood. she’s so fetch. LOL.

so just a few things about missing being a kid:

getting away with things

being fed whenever you want

getting sweets and money all the time

people smiling at you

no responsibility or accountability

playing all the time

not caring about anything

pretending to sleep in the car so my dad could carry me up mwhahahahahaa

just being your awesome self and having fun living life

alhamdulilah i got that childhood. i could watch tv and play outside and eat sweets and all of that.

i don’t miss people pinching my cheeks or being forced to do things i don’t want to do and because i’m a kid i can’t say no or anything and not being able to finish my food so everyone would have a go at me…
and i don’t miss anything to do with my step mum.

so i have this one friend from childhood who i grew up with even though she’s younger than me so i’ve been her friend all her life. haha.

i just have to say thank the lord for technology because it makes it easier to stay in touch BUT that only works if BOTH SIDES MAKE THE EFFORT.

drifting away from friends and people who have been in your life for years is normal. in fact it’s a PART OF GROWING UP. it’s not getting rid of people it’s leaving more room for others.

and each person that comes into your life effects you in some way and then they leave and you might remember them or you might not depending on how much of an impact they had in your life.

one thing is funny is seeing how people change. especially if you go to primary school and then end up going to the same secondary school and how people act differently and pretend to be someone they’re not.

i think when you’re a kid you’re fine being you coz you don’t care unless you’re so different that you get bullied. but when you’re between 10-14 that’s a really awkward phase because you don’t know who you are or what’s going on and you’re just really confuzzled. okay warning.

you will always be confused about things in life.

but also no matter what IT GETS BETTER. no matter what you go through as a child as a teen even as an adult it gets better and if it doesn’t then you need to change your attitude or your perspective and have a little faith and hope and you’ll be surprised. also…if your life sucks in this world, don’t worry the Lord will have plenty for you in there Hereafter ameen.

as a Believer growing up is easier because certain things that are out of your control can be explained through Faith…however there are always questions to ask about religion and God and it’s okay to question things. but one thing i will never question is DOES GOD EXIST? why? because i cannot look at a human or an animal or a tree without believing in God. humans are nothing compared to God we are totally insignificant no matter what we do or create we can never replicate the world according to God;s design…

i totally went off topic

okay so yeah being young can be fun but it also can be sucky if you have siblings or if you have a crush or no friends or too many friends or get bullied.

but if you haven’t ever been bullied in your life you are the 1% and lucky you.

hmm i’ll probably leave bullying for another day but girls are such bitches. like young girls can shut you out or they can pull your hair or steal your things or make fun of you in public or humiliate you…they are sly bitches whether they’re 8 or 16.

guys on the other hand are less subtle and just call you names or beat you up. or stalk you. but there’s no whispering rumours or nasty comments or anything like that.

yeah there’s that song by kelly clarkson that goes ‘WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER’ but it’s up to you. if you want to let it hurt it will. and that’s okay. but don’t obsess over it. it’s not gonna make it better.

so that song is by the girl who plays Foxface in THG but yeah

‘I know that I can’t be a kid forever
But I know that I must live it now or never

I am not like Peter Pan
I can’t live forever in a Neverland
But I’m not gonna grow up too fast
I want my childhood to last
I am not like the boys and girls
Who live in their never-aging world
I wanna freeze time at the drop of a hat
But even I can’t do that’

oh i miss the spice girls (baby spice was my fave) and the powerpuff girls (bubbles was my fave but now i think i’m more like blossom because i’m kinda bossy…) and backstreet boys and s club 7 and oh those good good times.

oh those good old cartoon network shows =)

powerpuff girls to the rescue

but what do i do to stay young?

i love stickers. i have a sticker obsession ask any of my friends or my parents YOU SHOULD SEE MY FACE WHEN I GET STICKERS…and also when i go to shops with stickers my eyes light up and i just wanna buy them. stickers are lovely.

i still buy the Charlie and Lola magazine coz i use it to make cards and stuff. awesome stuff.

i still watch Disney Channel sometimes. the only good shows are PHINEAS AND FERB, Jessie and Good Luck Charlie. i miss the old Disney with Lizzie Mcguire and That’s So Raven and Phil of the Future but also Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverley Place and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

good times ❤

like do you remember The Wild Thornberrys or Doug or RECESS OR THE AMANDA SHOW OR AS TOLD BY GINGER or brace face or just too many awesome shows RUGRATS AND FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR AND THE POWER RANGERS (i was pink or yellow duh)

this show was my life.

firstly…they travelled around the world AND SHE COULD TALK TO ANIMALS GTJKHFDSVZNCK. i wanted to be eliza. on another random note the prophet Suleiman (AS) could also talk to animals. epic stuff.

i was that girly child i went through a pink phase…lol YES I HAD BARBIES AND MY SCENE AND BRATZ AND PLAYED WITH THEM TILL I WAS ABOUT 12.

and one of my favourite things was these pyjamas you could get AND IT CAME WITH A MINI ONE FOR BARBIE…omg best thing ever.

and now my fave colour has been purple for quite

but we all have to grow up sometime right?

so in case you didn’t know

i’m done with school. yep i graduated from Hogwarts…now what?

university. which one. FRICKIN SOAS.




to study

social anthropology

i still can’t believe it myself but it’s true. i start in a few weeks and i am so excited yet scared. see growing up and having to make new friends again and just jgrdfkkj.fadg….

what is social anthropology you ask? well it’s kind of the study of human behaviour

“Anthropology demands the open-mindedness with which one must look and listen, record in astonishment and wonder that which one would not have been able to guess.” Margaret Mead

so yeah. i’m grown up. not really but i still need to get my provisional license and to my theory test and learn how to drive and all of that. i can vote now though. but all politicians lie so just vote for the lesser of two evils.
my mum is in denial so is my aunty she still sees me as that cute 5 year old but sadly i wear lipstick now i wear high heels occasionally (i have these fab white wedges for summer) and i can finally watch all movies whether it’s 12a or 18…my mum was always strict with the age restriction and i never ever watched a movie that i wasn’t allowed to.
the tough thing about growing up is being independent and being responsible and caring and giving a damn. i’ve done this
wholeheartedly. i hate being ignorant so i learn. i love learning and i pursue knowledge and seek a great perhaps (see what i did there nerdfighters?)
so like i’ve learnt many things while in school and growing up and all the things that have happened mainly to do with friends.
i don’t have time for drama.
you have to face the truth and the facts and stop hiding or pretending
don’t live a life of regrets. making mistakes is normal but you have to acknowledge them.
as much as  hated school i know i will probably miss it.
i see loads of kids with phones and all of these technology stuff like ipads and i’m like go outside and play why do you even need a phone you’re 8 what? but i suppose they will grow up WITH INTERNET AND ALL OF THAT.
i used to play computer games and stuff but i’m not much of a video game person. i love pacman though. =P
this movie is one of my favourite movies EVER

do you know who she is?

Anastasia. and no it is NOT DISNEY. don’t get me wrong i LOVE DISNEY. The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Pocahontas, The Lion King etc etc


well i’m getting ready for university…college whatever you want to call it.
sure i’m old and technically an adult but my room is basically pink and purple and i love collecting stickers and making cards and watching cartoons and fangirling.
i love sparkly things and i still have cuddly toys and cupcake fairylights and i still read YA fiction and basically i’m still young at heart.
yes i’ve matured…a bit…because i still pull silly faces and laugh at the despicable me minions…JUST LOOK AT ALL THAT CUTE!!!! i still watch funny youtube videos and i’m obsessed with weird sea creatures and just yeah i always quote Madagascar and mean girls and THG and just yeah. i’m not growing up anytime soon…i mean my 9 year old friend who’s kind of like my sister says i’m so immature why else am i so awesome? =P


oh don’t worry i can be mature it’s part of growing up. i know when to be quiet and when to voice my opinion. Alhamdulilah i’ve grown up and more confident in the sense that i’m not as shy as before. sure i see myself as an introvert. i like keeping to myself and being alone is okay if i have internet or a book.

so this post really doesn’t make sense but when do i EVER MAKE SENSE? probably 25% of the time…

so here are two Taylor Swift songs about growing up

the first one is about me trying to find a place in this world. i’m still growing i still don’t know who i am yet i’m still learning and discovering and exploring and just being.

‘i’m just a girl, tryna find a place in this world’

and last but not least

Oh darling, don’t you ever grow up
Don’t you ever grow up, just stay this little
Oh darling, don’t you ever grow up
Don’t you ever grow up, it could stay this simple
I won’t let nobody hurt you, won’t let no one break your heart
And no one will desert you
Just try to never grow up, never grow up’

so the song is about her moving into her new apartment and feeling how life has changed and how grown up she is and how she misses her family but she’s grown up now.

so thank you for reading this if you read the whole thing.

have a lovely weekend and week ahead

if you’re starting school MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR just smile and wave. just do your best.

Happy Reading


Stay Beautiful


“I’ve apparently been the victim of growing up, which apparently happens to all of us at one point or another. It’s been going on for quite some time now, without me knowing it. I’ve found that growing up can mean a lot of things. For me, it doesn’t mean I should become somebody completely new and stop loving the things I used to love. It means I’ve just added more things to my list.”  Taylor Swift

“The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends on large measure upon how our children grow up today.”  Margaret Mead

“The good times and the bad times both will pass. It will pass. It will get easier. But the fact that it will get easier does not mean that it doesn’t hurt now. And when people try to minimize your pain they are doing you a disservice. And when you try to minimize your own pain you’re doing yourself a disservice. Don’t do that. The truth is that it hurts because it’s real. It hurts because it mattered. And that’s an important thing to acknowledge to yourself. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t end, that it won’t get better. Because it will.” John Green


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