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so this post is all about? you guessed right BOOKS GLORIOUS BOOKS

so of course i have loads of reviews to get through

and then book news

such as

Sarah Dessen’s new book is called Someone Else’s Summer out May 2013

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black are writing a series together woop woop it’s obviously about magical stuff and should be awesome. i think it’s coming out in 2014.

in the most recent news, the stupid censorship debate is here again

so he wants an age restriction on books? what? this debate is so stupid and pointless

but here is my 2 cents worth

NO. just no.

Patrick Ness (author of A Monster Calls and the Chaos Walking Trilogy) summed it up brilliantly:

“Teenagers look at this darkness all the time, and I always think if you’re not addressing it in your fiction then you’re abandoning them to face it themselves.”

“It’s not as if books exist in a vacuum and that’s all the input teenagers are getting. Teenagers look at the internet, they look at the news, they look at pornography on the internet, they look at violent movies on the internet. So if children’s literature is not addressing that, if it’s addressing the world as it should be rather than as it is, then why would a teenager read you? I always think if you tell the truth about what’s difficult, that their lives can be dark and hard, then when you then tell the truth about what’s good, love and hope and friendship, then they listen to you and take it more seriously because you haven’t lied about what’s difficult.”

i am ALSO SO FRICKIN EXCITED because i got two awesome t-shirts from the DFTBA website. nerdfighters will be familiar with this. =D


and i couldn’t resist getting this one too

YAsaves lives

YA Saves is basically the hashtag that trended on twitter when people were saying YA fiction is ‘too dark’ what bs is that sure it is but it helps saves lives because many authors receive letters and emails saying how their books have helped people go through tough times etc

sometimes people going through certain situations (anorexia or addiction) might read about someone else going through that and how it affected their families and friends and the consequences- it could give them perspective and help change their lives. OR maybe they don’t want to read books about their problems so they read a completely random book such as meg cabot to make you laugh. =D

i’m not a literature snob. i do not plan on studying english literature at university- i did contemplate it but i looked at the courses and thought that’s not for me. i however will always find time for reading because reading is what i love.  i don’t know many people who love books as much as i do that is why i love the internet because you can interact with bloggers and other booklovers and obsess about books. i mean most of my friends do read but not as much as me or the same books as me so we can’t always talk about them. but of course i made them read The Hunger Games. =D

anyhew so onto the book reviews…

this is the US cover. it’s so much better than the UK cover

so Gabrielle Zevin- author of ‘Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac’ and ‘Elsewhere’ i was so excited to read this book and i was no disappointed. it’s really gripping an hellooo the girl ANYA (i love that name) is part of the mafia like how cool is that? also…a world where chocolate is illegal…NO THANK YOU. so it’s set in 2082 that’s 70 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE. it’s quite fast paced and you just don’t really know which side is the good side or bad side because technically the mafia aren’t all that great but Anya has a family and her brother is so sweet and the guy she likes well…urgh it’s always that thing where you can’t like them because you have to protect them.

but if you enjoyed the Curse Workers trilogy by Holly Black then read this!!! also the sequel is coming out in September but i’ll probably only get it next year ‘Because It Is My Blood’

keeping with the theme

the third and final installment in the Curse Workers trilogy by holly Black

UK cover

i really enjoyed this trilogy since i’ve missed Holly black;s writing and her books are always so funny and entertaining. plus this was a mix of magic and mafia style stuff so good stuff. although we must never forget- magic always comes at a cost!!!

anyways so i’m glad it ended like that and it was kind of bittersweet and loads of emotional stuff happened in it as usual. what is a book if it doesn’t make you feel like killing a character or screaming at the characters or sighing in frustration or going awww at how adorable it is?! or is that just me…?!

so i finally got around to reading the sequel to Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

there are many covers but i like these ones the best

so the premise of the story is that Tally is now a pretty so she’s beautiful and pretty duh and everything is hunky dory…WELL…or so you think…until…she tries to get all bubbly and realises everything is not as it seems obviously.

this sci fi/dystopian society is scary because you have to have an operation to make you pretty and i think one of the many reasons why Scott Westerfeld wrote this quartet is our obsession with aesthetics and our appearance…plastic surgery and botox and all these things we can do to make ourselves look pretty on the OUTSIDE but how do we beautify the inside?!

“Most cultures I know of are obsessed with beauty (though different kinds of beauty, of course). All through human history we have ornamented ourselves with clothes, jewelry, tattoos, brands, scars, suntans, make-up, etc. Modern plastic surgery is no more or less crazy than sticking a bone through your cheek. What’s different now is an explosion of new technology, which always makes things interesting. And given that Americans are richer than the rest of the world, we have more time to worry about this stuff, and more money to mess with our faces. That puts us ahead of everybody else, and makes us guinea pigs as well . ..” Scott Westerfeld on our obsession with beauty

so now i need to read Specials and Extras.

you don’t want your dad to see you with that book cover…

i’ve heard so much about this book on the blogosphere that i finally read it and it was just meh. i thought it was going to be some unique story or whatever but no. i mean it’s a cute story…good girl trying to keep up this perfect image even though her life is falling apart and then there’s the bad boy latino who’s in a gang or whatever…so typical. yes they fall in love. yes it starts of as a love hate relationship. yes things get’s an easy read if you’re looking for a romance book but it’s not going to change your life.


i didn’t actually know much about this book other than people were talking about it so i read a bit on the kindle and was like oohh sounds good and then when i bought it i left it on my bookshelf until recently and then i finally read it and i’m like meh. it’s greek mythology so that’s cool. but it’s for people who love romance or love stories or clichéd novels. my favourite character was her best friend whose name i can’t remember now because i read it a while ago. but it’s just feeding into that whole ‘forbidden love’ kind of thing because she’s Helen and he’s Paris (practically) and they’re meant to be together but they can’t be. no i won’t be buying or reading the sequel.but for those of you who ARE interested (as if anyone actually reads my blog) the sequel is Dreamless and the paperback is coming out in July.

moving on…

i should warn you…there are some EXCELLENT books to be reviews soon so please stay with me and don’t just scroll and be like BORING.if you do that then this is clearly not the blog for you. i do ramble after all…

i actually really enjoyed this book

WARNING: it’s a cancer book.

no it’s not as good as The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

but it’s still pretty good. however, the main character is kind of annoying but i do love her sarcasm. =P

the book is weird and quirky but i liked that and the song Science and faith by The Script seemed to be the soundtrack because she is all like facts and figures and science but the guy is a believer and he’s like ‘you won’t find faith or hope down a telescope you won’t find heart and soul in the stars you can break everything down to chemicals but you can’t explain a love like ours…’

i did write a proper review on my spinebreakers page

now this book i didn’t even know Sally Gardner had a new book out but i’ve read all her previous stuff (I,Coriander, The Red Necklace and The Silver Blade) so i was so happy to discover she had a new book.

it’s not that creepy…well it kind of is but SO GOOD

so the cover looks eerie and yes it kind of is. it’s about memories and how fragile they are and what people could do if we could relive memories and escape bad ones and basically a memory keeper kind of thing…but it’s not all good obviously because things always come at a price…and you can’t ever escape from the past without it catching up to you.

it’s brilliantly written as usual, beautiful story telling with a wonderful concept, very intriguing and just a wonderful read.

now i don’t care what you say i may be 18 but i still read Karen McCombie books because they always make me smile

cute cover

so her latest book is about a mysterious nanny and a bird called Buddy/Lulu

also the main character is awesome because she randomly makes facts up and people believe her. kind of like uberfacts on twitter…half the time i don’t know whether the stuff there is actually REAL OR NOT REAL…the truth or a bunch of lies we’re so gullible enough to believe.  anyways so the book is very quick and easy to read it’s probably aimed at 8 year olds + but whatever FOREVER YOUNG haha i still buy stickers okay so yes. the book made me laugh so i got my money’s worth. =P

wow so we’re almost at the end…

the only non-fiction book i read…

so my mum gave me her waterstones card and a gift voucher with loads of money and i kind of went wild…and i saw this and thought I HAVE TO READ THIS…

and yes it was hilarious and disturbing but fascinating i love reading about other people’s lives and it being TRUE for the most part. it’s also made me want to watch 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey is one incredibly funny and brilliant woman and i’m glad she has such a strong voice as a female comedian. good for her. her daughters are also hilarious. wonder where they got that from…then again little kids are amusing in general.

“It is an impressively arrogant move to conclude that just because you don’t like something, it is empirically not good. I don’t like Chinese food, but I don’t write articles trying to prove it doesn’t exist.” Tina Fey

note: i do actually really like chinese food. there was this chinese restaurant in my area and my favourite dish was chicken in cashew but it’s hard to find a Halal Chinese Restaurant so i don’t know what other place serves that. sad times.

first book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy

please let’s take a moment to just look at the cover and the title and ponder on the significance of it.

now let me tell you this book isn’t new. it is old, quite a few years actually. yes i heard about it a while ago but i’ve only recently gotten into the whole dystopian/sci-fi genre or whatever you call it since The Hunger Games. this book is epic.

it’s the first in a trilogy i need to read the sequel and they’re all fat juicy books filled with words and voices and insane ideas and crazy people and wonderful characters.

i love Manchee and Todd and Viola oh it’s so wonderful is wear this is one of those intense gripping captivating books that keeps you turning the page and gripping your seat in frustration and suspense and you’re just like WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

there is this guy WHO JUST WON’T DIE and it’s so annoying coz he keeps coming back to try and kill them and i’m like NOOOOO.

for anyone who has read The Hunger Games. read this trilogy because it IS gonna be a movie. and it’s awesome.

it’s about a world where everyone can read each others thoughts…well only the men…even the animals though hahahaha. COZ THERE ARE NO WOMEN…actually…READ IT AND FIND OUT.

this book is so good everyone should read it

okay i’ll admit i knew NOTHING about this book when i got it from Spinebreakers then i started reading it and i was like urgh annoyingly naive narrators but oh well but then BAM this book took me by surprise and it shocked me and i don’t really know what to say other than it’s one of those special books which can change you as a person or change your perspective on life.

it’s about two sisters and one dies and how the other has to live with abusive parents and their father is a vicar yet the things he does…it just shows how small towns and their secrets and being an extremist isn’t always a good thing and how everyone has their secrets even those who claim that they’re ‘holier than thou’. you get plenty of those people and i’m like…excuse me but who are you to judge? you are not the Lord…so stop.

but this book is an eye opener on so many things and it’s just beautifully written. but mind you it is INTENSE and covers loads of themes and it’s quite disturbing but necessary for the issues explored.

and last but certainly NOT least since it’s one of my favourite books of 2012


the cover is meh but the book is ADORKABLE

it was by chance that i discovered this wonderful book. i was waiting for my friends to go shopping at Westfields so i went to the WHSmith and saw it was buy one get one half price so i read the blurb for this and that awww this sounds cute not expecting much but I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY THE PURE AWESOMENESS OF THIS NOVEL

so the main character is this crazy blogger extraordinaire and her website Adorkable has so many followers and she’s this social networking genius and incredibly clever but slightly big-headed and has a unique sense of fashion but it makes her who she is and she’s so feisty and insane. then there’s Michael who’s like this clever and hot guy who wears Abercrombie & Fitch so he’s supposedly perfect and all of that. but their friendship blossoms into something more and it’s just so cute and beautiful i love it.

also…she is so weird and this book is so weird but AWESOME…like there aren’t many books i can relate to but even this i barely could apart from the fact that she is a blogger and maybe there is someone who reads my blog and CARES about what i have to say…?!

“The Ad♥rkable Manifesto1. We have nothing to declare but our dorkiness.
2. Jumble sales are our shopping malls.
3. Better to make cookies than be a cookie-cutter.
4. Suffering doesn’t necessarily improve you but it does give you something to blog about.
5. Experiment with Photoshop, hair dye, nail polish and cupcake flavours but never drugs.
6. Don’t follow leaders, be one.
7. Necessity is the mother of customisation.
8. Puppies make everything better.
9. Quiet girls rarely make history.
10. Never shield your oddness, but wear your oddness like a shield.”

but the main thing is to be YOU. BE YOUR AWESOME SELF. BE YOU BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS ALREADY TAKEN. BE YOU and don’t try to be anyone else because waste your time pretending when you can be happy being you?

anyways so it’s definitely one of my favourite books of 2012 because it made me laugh but it really did make me cry because it showed that i’m not alone in my weirdness or being crazy or obsessing over certain things or loving and caring so much about the world and stuff.

i also can’t finish this blog post without mentioning 50 shades of suck 50 shades of grey…the trilogy that has sold more copies than harry potter i don’t even know how…

it started of as twilight fan fiction and turned in to some crappy erotic book about some mysterious rich guy who likes causing woman but is a tortured soul and some random oh so beautiful girl

i haven’t read it and i refuse to read it because there are so many struggling authors who are GOOD at writing and here comes this woman writing random crap and she’s a millionaire and it’s a bestseller and it’s been optioned for a movie. it’s funny to see women reading it on the tube and i’m like HAHAHA YOU’RE READING PORN IN PUBLIC

so basically if you’ve read it good for you i doubt it’s gonna change your life but if you haven’t and want to go ahead and try it…i wouldn’t call it the best book ever and it just shows that the publishing industry is turning into…money making scheme. i hate walking into Waterstones and seeing all three books there…i swear if i could burn a book it’d be that. but the parodies are hilarious. 50 shades of chav is brilliant!!!

here’s the link for this random 50 shades of chav:

not suitable for younger readers OBVIOUSLY


yes he is the guy from Misfits

i know he can act and i just hope he reads the books so he knows how awesome simon is. in case you’re wondering the movie is coming out on AUGUST 23RD 2013

and in other news


Catching Fire: 22nd November 2013

Mockingjay Part 1: 21st November 2014

Mockingjay Part 2: 20th November 2015

okay i shall leave you with some book related things such as quotes and stuff

Happy Reading



Peeta Mellark

i love Dr Who

“You know what’s sad about reading books? It’s that you fall in love with the characters. They grow on you. And as you read, you start to feel what they feel – all of them – you become them. And when you’re done, you’re never the same. Sure you’re still you, you look the same, talk in the same manner, but something in you has changed. Something in the way you think, the way you choose, sometimes, even the things you say may differ. But it all comes down to the state you go to after a nice novel. The after-feeling. It’s amazing, but somehow, you feel left alone by that world you were once in. It’s overwhelming. But it makes you sad. Cause for once you were this, this otherworldly being in… Neverwhere, and then you suddenly have to say goodbye after a few weeks from when you read the last page. When you’ve recovered from that state it’s just… quite sad.” Suzanne Collins

Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside them, and it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world.” Neil Gaiman

“I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” J.K. Rowling

“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren’t long enough for the reading she wanted to do.Alan Bennett

“Because paper has more patience than people.” Anne Frank

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