Happy Half Term

Hey!! sup people?

well if you live in the UK then you probably have half term (if you’re in full-time education unless you’re in uni then you may have a reading week) so hence the title of this post

FINALLY IT’S HALF TERM meaning I had my party on Friday.


sadly, not ALL of my friends could make it but a lot of them did so it was still cool.

there were tons of food and THE CAKE. my mum kept it a surprise. I didn’t know whether it was gonna be a Mockingjay cake or a Perry the Platypus cake.

Mockingjay Cake: 'I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.'

so the cake was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. =D

we played some party games- keeping the balloon up and pass the parcel with forfeits like ‘pat your head and rub your tummy while singing your favourite song’ or ‘sing i’m a little tea-pot with all the actions’ hehe

also WE HAD GLOW IN THE DARK BALLOONS. they have like a little light in them. hehe so cool.

then we played singstar which was just MADLY FUN…and just so many fun memories. Alhamdulilah I have incredible friends and an amazing family and i’m so grateful. we also sucked helium…oh FUN TIMES.

oh and the presents. lidfhaekhdg/fdhvsdjvc;ljsfdxm’dsp.

My lovely friend Serena made this for me

and Maddy (who is ALWAYS drawing fabulous hunger games stuff for me or just in general) drew this for me…i seriously swooned:

Twitterpated much? *swoon*

I can’t stop grinning. =D

okay so yeah I pretty much had my best party EVER/YET

my friend also got me a BOOK NECKLACE. yes. you open it and…there’s a pic…of….Josh Hutcherson and Logan Lerman. *swoon* I was speechless. seriously. had heart palpitations!!!!

so overall the party was frickin awesome!!!!

now to review: The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenburg

weird cover

thank God I didn’t buy this book. seriously. I mean it had so much promise and it started of alright but then it just went downhill and I was SICK of the cheese jokes…

I mean the ONLY character I genuinely liked was Patrick. and Jack.

Brie…the protagonist is a biatch. simple as. she is not likeable at all. sue she died. it happens. yeah she’s int he afterlife. but you don’t have any excuse to be such a self-absorbed biatch. me thinks it must be her age. 15 years old. but I don’t know.

people said I would cry. and laugh. I didn’t cry. I laughed a bit but not enough to make me LOVE this book.

I was just so disappointed. it’s not that I even had ANY expectations.

so the author tried. some will like it, others won’t. i just found it really stupid and pathetic and sick and tired of Brie whining. it sucks when the main character is an idiot. like Bella Swan.

so the plot is basically this girl Brie dies of heartbreak…well her heart literally breaks into two and then she goes to this place where she’s confused and there are 5 stages: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Sadness and Acceptance

and so she goes through those 5 stages and okay by the end she isn’t as bad as before but she is SO STUPID sometimes. and i just didn’t like the twist. i mean i had a feeling but it was kind of stupid and predictable and NOT IN A GOOD WAY LIKE TYPICAL HOPELESS ROMANTIC ME WOULD SWOON way. no. just…meh.

sigh. but if you wanna read it then go ahead please do enjoy and hope you enjoy it more than i did.

so anyhew…some news TAYLOR SWIFT’S SAFE AND SOUND MUSIC VIDEO WILL PREMIERE ON MONDAY 13TH FEBRUARY ON MTV AT 7:54 ET time….but you can probably watch it on their websites if you live anywhere else.

in other news Josh Hutcherson was on The Ellen Show…he did a little dance to Animal by Neon Trees and everything. *sighs* but i can’t find a video link that works. darn it.

but here is his 2nd Jimmy Kimmel interview. he did one for The Kids Are Alright when he was 17 (2 years ago) and now he did one for Journey 2 Mysterious Island.

Enjoy. it really is quite funny…well the 2nd part is especially when he says The Hunger Games…Josh’s face…the reaction of the audience…THOSE PEETA T-SHIRTS…brilliant.

lol those fangirls are scary. like I’m not THAT BAD…there’s actually a video of them.

anyhew so hope everyone has a wonderful weekend/half term or just week in general. in snowed again in London but not enough for a Snow Day or to even make a snowman. but still pretty.

lately it’s been cold but with blue skies and sunshine.

don’t forget to check out my mum’s website:


all the best and Happy Reading!

Stay Beautiful and Safe and Sound!!!

Lots of love and thanks for reading/following my blog





“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.”Β  Charles Lamb

“There are some people whom your heart knows so well that you count their company as one of your greatest blessings of this life.” Yasmin Mogahed

“It’s one thing to grow your beard and trim your pants (trousers), but a lot harder to grow your character and trim your ego.” Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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