Let The 74th Annual Hunger Games Begin


this post is going to be all thing Hunger Games!!!

the new POSTER. yes the world WILL BE WATCHING.

so awesome

the new still of KATNISS AND PEETA…i got the magazine…hehehehe. i had to!!!

i screamed when i saw this picture.

The way Katniss is looking at him…*sigh* the magazine is TotalFILM in case you’re wondering. FINALLY SOMETHING FROM THE UK AND NOT THE US.

i actually cannot wait. i mean…the cast will be doing interviews and it’s just going to be so awesome. =)

also…TAYLOR SWIFT’S SONG SAFE AND SOUND. featuring THE CIVIL WARS. it’s beautiful. i don’t know whether it’s for Rue or Prim. but yeah. i love it.

it went to Number 1 on the US iTunes. AWESOME. =D two of my favourite things: The Hunger Games and Taylor Swift. =D

and MainstayPro’s Finnick and Annie webisodes are almost finished. only one left.Β  =(

and just like in case you’re reading my blog and you HAVEN’T read the books as yet.

Happy Reading!

in case you’re STILL not sure what the trilogy is about here’s a pie chart to help you:

it's not ALL about bread. haha

the reason why i love this trilogy so much is because it’s not just about the love story. it’s about a rebellion and standing up for what you believe in. it’s about survival. Katniss is not your average heroine. she has to do things for herself to protect her family. she’s independent and reserved and so badass. =D

yes Peeta can come across as weak but he is only a baker’ss on. he does love Katniss though. and he is manipulative in the sense that he knows how to please the crowd. except he wasn’t decieving anyone. =(

Gale is hardly in the first book…it’s not until Catching Fire and Mockingjay do we learn about him. he is Katniss’s hunting partner and friend. they help each other out.

Prim is the whole reason WHY Katniss ended up in the games. she loves her sister so much- more than anything. her mother isn’t really there for them since the death of hr father.

Suzanne Collins got the idea while watching TV, flipping through channels showing images of the war in Iraq to reality TV and the lines became blurry.

i also think it’s relevant to today’s society because there are wars going on and people living under dictatorships and look at reality TV. people love to watch Shipwrecked and Survivor or even Jersey Shore. these shows are all about watching people in certain circumstances try to survive and the producers place things in order to limit their chances. people love reality TV. personally i find it amusing and sickening. the whole Big Brother is watching you thing isn’t new. because what with propaganda still thriving and indoctrination still occurring i have no doubt that these people are capable of much worse.

for more information on everything Hunger Games, TotalFILM have produced a guide with everything from character,s photos, plot line, Suzanne Collins etc



Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on the flawlessness of Josh Hutcherson: by flawlessness i don’t mean he is actually perfect because no one is. But he is close to perfection. he has a beautiful smile and laugh and he loves his family and he’s a cool guy, he reads and bakes and cooks and is polite and cute and just so damn awesome.

'you've got a smile that could light up this whole town'

that smile…him…he’s just so..kflhgldf;klhafdhbznlvkx…HIS CHROMOSOMES HAVE COMBINED BEAUTIFULLY. HAHA

it’s so funny because my friends understand i’m in a relationship with Peeta but they know i will marry Josh. haha. they just ACCEPT THESE THINGS. i love them for that. i already told my family that Josh will be my future husband. they’re okay with it. as long as he becomes Muslim. which he will. when he meets me. πŸ˜‰

so i can’t help smiling every time i see Josh and get all giggly and just urgh so GIRLY!!! ‘boy you got my heart beat running away, beating like a drum and it’s coming your way…’ *sighs*

right well…only 11 weeks left.

which is about 3 months and 15 days

which is 74 DAYS PEOPLE.

i’ll leave you with the AMAZING CELEBUZZ interview with Josh Hutcherson.

Happy Hunger Games

And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.



he is SO ADORABLE AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. NO NOT JUST BECAUSE HE PLAYS PEETA BUT BECAUSE HE IS A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING. AND HE BAKES. AND READS. AND HE LOVES HIS FAMILY. he just needs to know of my existence. maybe he’ll be blown away by MY baking skills…?! sigh.

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β€œStupid people are dangerous.”

β€œI wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.”

β€œIt takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”

Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay)

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