‘The more likeable he is, the more deadly he is.’

So that quote is from The Hunger Games and Katniss is referring to Peeta because eventually she’ll have to kill him or he’ll have to kill her.

Before I move on to more Hunger Games stuff (videos and music) I simply MUST review Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

She’s a debut author, only 23yrs old and MUSLIM…that makes me SO PROUD because there are very few YA Muslim authors that I know about.

She did an awesome piece for the Wall Street Journal about teenagers and reading:


Anyways so not only does she seem to be a lovely person (I frequently reblog her tumblr and OMG SHE FOLLOWS ME ON TUMBLR and her tweets are funny)


On to the book: well it was release don November 15th and I received it on 221st November and read it in 3 days. I know I literally devoured it.

i don't recall Juliette ever wearing a white dress like that

At first I was skeptical especially about the language and imagery she uses because it’s SO DESCRIPTIVE and I felt it was over the top- like the metaphors etc but after a while I got used to it and it became part of Juliette’s character.

Also…I am in love with Adam. Not only do I LOVE THE NAME ADAM but hello…he is one sexy guy…I mean…those blue eyes and his concern for her and his little brother…and ahem…the muscles. Yeah…he’s lovely because he’s always loved her.

But…oh sorry, what is the book about: this girl Juliette is a ‘monster’ because her tough is lethal. As in if she touches you with her bare hand she can kill you. BUT Adam is immune to her touch and so is someone else who you will find out about. Therefore she probably has some connection to them. They’re both guys of course. =P

It reminded me a lot of X Men towards the end. But throughout the whole novel, the descriptions of the society, people starving, war-torn area was so scary but it just made me think about Gaza and other war-torn areas where they are starving, they are being fed lies and they aren’t safe from anyone.

So yeah, I really did enjoy the book and I kinda need to read the sequel…AUTUMN 2012. that’s  A WHOLE YEAR AWAY. meh. Sigh. Patience when it comes to books is really NOT my forte.

And there was a lot of kissing I have to say. Which just made me feel like…oh…my life…is so…boring. Nothing exciting ever happens to me. The only POSSIBLY exciting thing that could happen to me in the next few months is WINNING TICKETS TO SEE THE CELEBRATING SCREENING OF THE HUNGER GAMES PREMIERE. It means I might just get to meet my future husband- Josh Hutcherson. *swoons*

EW Outtakes: Josh as Peeta

'you've got a smile that could light up this whole town...'

Okay so now for The Hunger Games stuff:

Firstly, if you’re a hunger games fan and HAVEN’T heard of MainstayPro then SHAME ON YOU.

Why? They make awesome fan videos. So far they’ve done Katniss and Rue: which is quite sad but they do love their fake blood.

And the girl who plays Katniss reminds me of Silver from 90210.

My favourite has to be the cave scene with Katniss and Peeta. DUH. It’s quite funny because the guy who plays Peeta is British.  But that scene…*sighs*

Next they’ve done the second quarter quell with Haymitch – the guy who plays Haymitch is just so damn HOT. It’s really quite sad this one though.

And finally I am so excited that they’re doing a mini series of Finnick and Annie (obviously we don’t know much about them but this is made up so kind of fan fiction in video form. AWESOME)

So the guy who played Haymitch (Jason ) is playing Finnick…my gosh…just wowza.

Here’s the teaser- it’s going to be on YouTube (subscribe to their channel) on December 8th. Yayness.

Next some hunger games music. Many people have done various parodies. The most famous and probably the funniest and BEST is I Wanna Go (Britney Spears) Hunger Games parody…it is EPIC. I don’t actually know the words to the Britney spears song but I sure do know the words to the parody version. Hehe.

They’ve also done a reality show Forever Everdeen about Katniss after Mockingjay. It’s so funny and they have the guy who played Ron in A Very Potter Musical as PEETA. Haha.

Next is a Hunger Games version of Taylor Swift’s Love Story…I swear this song is so emotional…because Peeta really does love Katniss but Katniss pretends to love him FOR THE GAMES…so they don’t die. But of course she slowly ends up falling for him even though she doesn’t really know how to deal with her emotions.

And finally it’s K$sha’s Tik Tok but for Catching Fire.

well hope you enjoyed these past few posts…will probably be AWOL for a while because i have loads of essays to do as well as university stuff. Sigh.

Happy Reading and have a lovely weekend and week ahead.


“Destroying things is much easier than making them.” Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games)

“I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don’t hurt anyone but myself.” Suzanne Collins (Catching Fire)

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.” Suzanne Collins (Mockingjay)

“Impossible worlds allow us to explore, to wonder, to daydream in safety. We turn the pages in search of friendship, for a few hours with characters who won’t judge or ridicule us for following their journey. The return to Earth is often bittersweet, but we’re always changed upon arrival. We’re left feeling empowered, excited to be extraordinary, and, at the very least, feeling as if we’re not alone. Because there’s some consolation in knowing that even if the rest of the population misunderstands us, the author of that book doesn’t. The author of that book wrote it for us, to let us know that we’re not the only ones who live with imaginary friends, to tell us to hang onto these stories for as long as we like, for as long as it takes to get through the boring, the painful, and the ugly parts of life.” Tahereh Mafi

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