‘May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour’

Although the actual spelling in the book is ‘favor’ because I do not speak American English I shall spell it with a u.  Yes you may call me a grammar Nazi if it makes you feel better. =P

So this post is, to those familiar with the title, ALL THINGS THE HUNGER GAMES. (THG) well along with some other book to movie news.

Firstly, THE TRAILER WAS RELEASED ON 14TH NOVEMBER 2011 on Good Morning America. It is now available to download on iTunes. No I have not downloaded but I do watch it every day. And I know all the words. And yes I love it. If you haven’t seen my tumblr as yet then you don’t know how much I love it but I really really do love the trailer.

Why? Well, it’s an accurate portrayal of the novel. For those who HAVEN’T read the books, it’s unclear as to what it’s about (despite President Snow actually TELLING THEM- as in the whole one man and woman between the ages of 12-18 from each district of Panem will be chosen to be trained in the art of survival and to be prepared to fight to the death-just your average tween movie).

If you still can’t figure out what it’s about I suggest you READ THE BOOKS. The Games Will Change Everyone. And if you read it, it will change you to. If you’re not an avid reader or into books then you won’t understand what I mean by books can change you. But I do advise you to try it out and see what you make of the books. Yes many are saying it’s a crappy spin-off of the amazing Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. It’s Japanese and quite successful and very very gruesome. But as far as I know Suzanne Collins got the idea from flipping through channels form documenting the war in Iraq to reality TV shows like Survivor. Battle Royale was not aimed for the YA audience but of course anyone can read it. However THG intended market is YA- young adult. I haven’t read Battle Royale but I will one day. I’ll probably see the film first though.

The point is (there is one) that I love THG and as a booklover I want to SPREAD THE LOVE and want everyone to read and appreciate it. Of course I understand people don’t have the same views as me or interests and it hurts when sometimes shuns the hunger games but I have to learnt o accept it. It’s part of life. My friends nor my family understand the all consuming love for Peeta Bread. No. Not the actual ‘pita’ bread.

In THG there is a boy called Peeta Mellark. As soon as I saw his name I laughed and thought of pita bread. Now he is referred to as Peeta Bread and he is my future husband. There is no point trying to convince me that he does not exist and he is fictional. Trust me. Many have tried and to no avail.

So back to the trailer- the cast look amazing, although Effie looks a bit old and like a cross between the Mad Hatter and Ms Umbridge. Haha.

Instead of Madge (Katniss’s other friend apart from Gale), Primrose (her younger sister) gives her the Mockingjay pin which becomes a symbol of the rebellion/revolution. I really would LOVE that pin (hint hint) for my birthday, which is soon. JUST SAYING. 😉

I was hoping they would show the cave scene which is one of my favourite part’s of the novel but they only showed the first half of the book ad ended when they were in the arena. Talk about suspense. I know what happens but it’s different to SEE it in reality and not in your imagination. Plus I have read and seen many interviews of and about Josh Hutcherson (who plays Peeta Mellark) and I am actually ‘in love’ with him because he himself says he is like Peeta. Suzanne Collins said he’s like Peeta. Basically as far as i know HE IS THE REAL PEETA. Therefore I shall marry him one day. Don’t you dare tell me otherwise.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Gary Ross talk about THG:


My favourite part of the trailer was when Peeta and Katniss are talking and Peeta says: “I just want to find a way to show them that they don’t own me. If I’m going to die I want to still be me.’ In the book he then says ‘I don’t want to be another piece in their games’. he just looks so vulnerable and I just want to hug him and never let go.


My next favourite scene is the bit when they show Rue and in the book Katniss says she reminds me of Prim and you see Peeta SMILING in the background.


Then you see the Tributes training. Finally there’s the countdown and the tributes are released into the arena- they grab whatever they can before anyone can hit them and run.

Many people on tumblr have made gifs with the lyrics to Florence and the Machine’s dog days are over.


Now let me tell you the story of the day of the trailer. It was due to air at 8am IN AMERICA. There is a 6hour time difference. It’d be 2pm here and I’d be in geography. When I was in geography and I looked at my watch I had to breathe deeply so calm myself. As soon as the bell went I rushed to the bus and it took ages to load all the other school kids. I checked my phone and my friend evilly tagged me on facebook with the link to the trailer saying how awesome it is. Then I stupidly checked twitter and everyone was raving about it. I tried to keep myself calm. I could not watch it on the bus and let everyone see my reaction. So I took out my book (the Abundance of Katherines) and lost myself in a world of theorems and relationships problems. Eventually when the bus came to my stop I power walked all the way home, ran up the stairs, opened my laptop and clicked on the link. I squealed/screamed with excitement and replayed it. Then I went on tumblr and reblogged all the hunger games gifs I could find. My dashboard was filled with them. Haha. I think I lost a few followers to that but oh well.

That was also the day my brother passed his driving test but I only congratulated him after I saw the trailer- what an awesome, selfish sister I am. So then in all my excitement I had to show my parents the trailer. My brother was opposed to it of course ‘what si this hunger games?’ my parents said it looks alright. Then my dad said but trailers are meant to look good. It’s true. So many times I’ve been taken my trailers and on watching the movie been so disappointed. Then he said it’s like twilight all over again. At that I was horrified so I walked out the room.

oh here’s the SNEAK PEEK of the movie as well.

Yes, I shamefully admit I had a ‘Twilight phase’ when I was 13. I had OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder). It was bad. I loved Edward because he was a gentleman and you don’t et many of them these days. But I loved Jacob more because he’s FUNNY and HOT, I called him my HOT DOG.  So ever time we had hot dogs for dinner I use to smile and laugh and my family were like ‘ what the hell s wrong with you?’ well…my brother mainly. My parents just looked at me questioningly. I had to wait for the books to come out so I was one of the earlier fans but then I got over it after the movie. When I saw the movie it thought it was the best thing in the world. A few days later I was like…HOW ON EARTH DID I THINK THIS WA GOOD?! Catherine Hardwick is a terrible director and I hated the cast. Jacob’s wig was just…I have no words. It was embarrassing. The sparkling? It looked like a four year old threw glitter on him.

By the time New Moon came out I just laughed my ay through the movies- those aren’t werewolves. They’re just big wolves. Then eclipse came around and I just sat their laughing in the cinema at the sheer stupidity of it and how jasper’s face looks constipated most of the time.

I haven’t’ seen Breaking Dawn as yet. There are two reasons why I’d like to see it in the cinema. One: THE HUNGER GAMES TRAILER IS VERY MUCH LIKELY TO BE SHOWN. Two: to laugh at it with my friends. I mean…the birthing scene is supposed to be really gross and I just want to see Edward’s face.

I have seen interviews with the cast and I have deduced that both Robert Pattinson  and Kristen Stewart do not like twilight. In one interview, Robert Pattinson said if he didn’t play Edward he’s probably mindlessly hate it.


Anyways so I got over my twilight obsession pretty quickly. I don’t have the movies on DVD or posters or anything apart from the first soundtrack. The films are crap but the soundtracks are good.

So when my dad said it’s like twilight all over again it hit me hard.

Why isn’t it like twilight? Yes I am obsessed, I reblog hunger games stuff all the time and made my friends read it and Peeta is my love etc BUT…there is a plot. There is substance to the novel. It’s not just about Bella falling in love with Edward then choosing between her best friend or this guy who can kill her and creepily watches her while she sleeps. On one hand that is romantic…on the other hand it’s creepy to see some guy who like watching you sleep. What if you sleepwalk/talk, snore…FART?! Hellooo…Edward is too polite to mention such things but I’d be so embarrassed. And I’d be terrified to wake up and see the guy I like sitting in the chair near my bed watching me. HE’S A VAMPIRE. HE COULD KILL ME ANYTIME. It’s more stalkerish than romantic.

Anyways so yeah the plot of twilight is she falls ‘irrevocably in love’ with a vampire who thinks she stinks and who can’t read her mind. Naturally he’s attracted to the plainest dullest being on the planet. I cannot relate to Bella in any way whatsoever. She re-reads the same book over and over again- Wuthering Heights. She has no life and makes no effort to do anything apart from mope and be depressed. She’s only happy with Edward because he never makes her angry. When he left she wanted to shrivel up and die. I wish she did. But then Jacob saved her and she broke his heart. Then Edward comes waltzing back in and they get married and have sex and end up with a baby. A weird vampire/human baby. Of course it is so damn powerful. And it nearly kills her. I wish it did.

The worst think about breaking dawn is that they have a ‘war’ a ‘mind’ war. No one dies. What is the point of a war if no one you love/care about dies?! That’s not realistic. Nor is it exciting. Because yea the fact that the Volturi vs the Cullens and werewolves is realistic is that it’s not but war is. I don’t know, that’s just my humble opinion on the matter.

The hunger games has so much more to offer. It’s not about a love story. It’s about survival. Children killing children. A cruel dystopian society. A sickening world. We already live in a world full of consumerism and Big Brother is watching you. Dystopian is not a new genre (1984, brave new world, the and maiden’s tale etc) but YA dystopian fiction is an emerging genre. Although I’m sure in a year or so I’ll be sick of it but the hunger games has opened up divergent and other series. It’s also a way to try to fill the gap of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter- the end of an era but the beginning of a legend. It’s timeless because it’s for everyone from 8year olds to 40 year olds. It’s about magic and survival and friendship. It has everything you could want in a book. Apart from aliens. But loads of monsters and creatures. I can’t praise it enough but if you haven’t read the Harry Potter series I also advise you to do so. They’re long but once you get started (and presuming you do enjoy them) you’ll devour them.


So there are many books that are now becoming movies. From Twilight to The Mortal Instruments to Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games. I’ve heard recently that many producers now option books even before they’re published, then see how successful they are and either continue with the process of filming or cancel it. But Hollywood are bored and unoriginal so they turn to books.

There are a few book to film adaptions I have thoroughly enjoyed such as A Room With a View and Water for Elephants because it was accurate. But I must learn to accept the book as one thing and the film as another. It might not be the same but the basic plot and characters are. The acting, producing, directing and screenplay have to be good enough for it to be AMAZING.

So I wait in anticipation- 4 months till The Hunger Games is released. 23rth march 2012.

Then wait for casting news for catching fire (the sequel). Finnick Odair- how I do love you. Not as much as Peeta Bread.

There hasn’t been much news on The Mortal Instruments films apart from I think Logan Lerman should play Simon.

Lily as Clary Fray

Jamie as Jace Wayland

Dreamcast: Logan Lerman for Simon Lewis

The host has gotten its Ian and Jared. Max Irons from red riding hood is Jared and Jake Abel from Percy Jackson is Ian. I think that’s going to be released in 2013 so they better start filming soon.

Ian and Jared

I’m looking forward to the 2 Snow White movies. Snow white and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron looks so good.

Mirror, Mirror with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts looks quite funny.

Pictures of the Perks of Being a Wallflower have been released. Logan looks adorable as Charlie and Emma Watson looks as lovely as ever. I hope the film does well and promotes the book because it’s one of those ‘banned books’.

Emma as Sam and Logan as Charlie

Logan as Charlie

Sigh. Banned books are so stupid. Censorship is stupid. Some people- you can burn books but words and ideas have a way of rooting inside you. Who’s to say what you can and can’t read? Maybe your parents can exert some amount of control on the content but they should be happy that you ARE reading. Banned books are more of problem in the US because of strict parents who have freaky religious views and are so controlling that they ban books from libraries and schools. How psycho is that? But I doubt you’d have the hunger games in Saudi Arabia- though you never know…

Censorship is just a disgrace. Controlling what we know…well…who gave you the right to do that? Oh this world- full of war and deprivation and sickening stuff. But we must not forget the beauty that’s surrounds us, whether it’s nature, our family or friends.

I’m always grateful to God for blessing me with the love and passion for books. If I didn’t read I’d be a different person and I wouldn’t have a blog. As Katniss says in the trailer ‘I just can’t afford to think like that.’

Happy Reading and Movie Watching!


“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” Oscar Wilde

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” Joseph Brodsky

“All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship.” George Bernard Shaw,

“Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there.” Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games)

“It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not how you look in that body, but the thing you do with it. You are beautiful.” Stephenie Meyer ( The Host)

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