I’m such a bibliophage…

Shalome. πŸ˜‰

What is a bibliophage you ask? A fancy word for saying a bookworm. =P

I don’t like the term bookworm because it just makes me think of a worm in a book or something and that’s kinda dodgy.

So I’ve been obsessively buying and reading books…


Awesome Cover- love the texture of the font!!!

Finally i read it and yes it is SO DIFFERENT from any of her other books…it got me interested in Greek Mythology and I’m glad it didn’t solely focus on the love story- that’s just kind of a bonus. =)

It’s the myth of Persephone and Hades except Persephone is Pierce (seventeen year old girl who had a near death experience when she was 15 except she DID DIE…she just came back to life…but is NOT A ZOMBIE) and Hades is John Hayden who is a death deity….they kinda work in the Underworld etc. it’s all very cool and yeah i guess it’s supernatural but hey it’s GOOD…it’s not like…oh mysterious boy and of new girl in town…oh wait…yeah it kinda is except she’s not a TOTAL IDIOT and he is not all like I AM SO GREAT. he’s funny and helloo….she THREW TEA IN HIS FACE. =P

An awesome quote from the book is:

β€œIt’s only in fairy tales that princesses can afford to wait for the handsome prince to save them. In real life, they have to bust out of their own coffins and do the saving themselves.” Meg Cabot

She does escape the Underworld but the real world isn’t exactly safe when people are after her…or John…because they DON’T want him to be happy and Pierce (when she’s not throwing tea in his face or calling him a jerk) makes him happy. Cue cheesy grin…awwwww. πŸ˜‰

All in all i really enjoyed the novel and YAY it’s a trilogy but DAMN i have to wait a while because of course she still has to write in and review it and sort covers and the whole writing and publishing process takes a while so hopefully sometime later next year it should be out…UNDERWORLD the sequel toΒ  ABANDON.

Meg Cabot…it’s been too long since I’ve read one of her YA books but it think i shall read some of her adult books now. πŸ˜‰

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. =)

Next…BUMPED by Megan McCafferty- author of the FAMOUS JESSICA DARLING SERIES…


Firstly the cover…yeah it’s a giant egg…but it’s matte compared to the rest of the cover which isΒ  GLOSSY so when you run your hands over the cover it’s all different textures!!!! then IT DOES GET BETTER MY FRIEND…once you take ot the jacket…THERE’S AN INDENT OF AN EGG…

Indent of an EGG!!! =)

That is just too epic…

Okay i’m over it for now so i can talk about the actual NOVEL. which was HILARIOUS!!!

“And then he breaks into the most deranged grin I’ve ever seen on anyone, anywhere, except maybe my own crazyface in the rearview mirror.” Megan McCafferty

THIS MEANS I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS THAT GOOFY GRIN when i see someone i like…teehee. πŸ˜‰

The book is about this Virus which means that you can’t get pregnant over 18 so couples over 18 get teenagers to be surrogates etc it’s some crazy business and things can go wrong if you WANT to keep your baby…

Twins Melody and Harmony- DUH…things go wrong because Harmony comes from Goodside- raised by a Church so she only knows whatever they’ve told her…when she venture to Otherside to find her IDENTICAL SISTER Melody she has NO IDEA WHAT SHE’S GOTTEN HERSELF IN FOR. oh and she’s married.

Melody is waiting for her egg to be matched with the best sperm and that happens to be Jondoe- the famous guy and yes…stuff happens and it all goes wrong…but what REALLY annoyed me was how it ended. JUST LIKE THAT.

There’s me thinking ooohh i have a few more pages left and it’s getting really quite exciting and then BAM…it ends…and those last few pages are BLANK. oh…they are EVIL for doing that. sigh…now i have to wait patiently for the sequel…but i thoroughly enjoyed it because it was rather funny…like seriously laugh out loud funny…i mean ‘fertilicious’?! seriously?! Haha.

If you like Megan McCafferty or you’re interested in dystopian novels….or just a mix of futuristic and realistic fiction then you should read this. =)

Also…Religion is really important in this novel

“Faith is accepting what makes no sense, what we cannot prove, but know down deep in our souls is real.” Megan McCafferty

I think this is really true because it’s NOT about the image or whether you APPEAR to be pious or ‘holy’ or whatever…we shouldn’t JUDGE people on whether they are religious or not because it’s not between you and the world…faith is between You and Your Creator…and God knows what’s in YOUR heart whereas other people can only see the OUTSIDE…and that’s not the most important thing. Yes it’s best to follow the rules and be modest etc but Remember God is EVERYWHERE not just in a Church, Mosque or Temple.

Next is…The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

I love this cover!!!

This book blew me away in the sense that the cover HAS SO MUCH TEXTURE and inside there are pages like this:

This is a common occurrence

The character Lennie frequently writes notes on scarps of paper or trees or walls…you could call it vandalism if it was in the girls bathroom of a cafe but it’s more of her writing to let go…

This book is insanely sad…but i didn’t cry. i was surprised that i didn’t cry because i usually cry in books (The Book Thief, Mockingjay to name a few)…but this book is HEARTBREAKINGLY SAD yet so so beautiful.

Lennie’s sister Bailey dies. Lennie finds it extremely difficult to cope and deal with the loss because although she mostly felt she was her sister’s shadow…she doesn’t know HOW to function without her…and then INCREDIBLE JOE comes along and woah…she falls in love.

An amazing quote from the book:

“But if you’re someone who knows the worst thing can happen at any time, aren’t you also someone who knows the best thing can happen at any time too?” Jandy Nelson

The worst thing is that Bailey died but the best thing is falling in love.

Although it’s incredibly sad, there are a few laugh out loud moments and moments were no matter how hard your heart is…you have to smile because it’s so sweet. I’m such a hopeless romantic.

This book is beautifully written and just wow. i loved it. =)

I’ve heard a lot about Libba Bray’s (Author of the Gemma Doyle Trilogy) Beauty Queens so i had to buy it on Amazon…sigh. i’ll let you know how that goes when i get it. YAYNESS. =D

So that’s books done…me being a bibliophage and everything…just consuming books because they’re so yummy and tasty. =)

“The buying of more books than one can read is nothing less than the soul reaching toward infinity.” A. Edward Newton

Yes i am trying to JUSTIFY me buying so many books when i already have plenty to read. Sigh.

i was on twitter and read this article…


Apparently Romance Novels kills…romance for women…and can destroy marriages. but YOU can help FIGHT THE ADDICTION. i don’t know if i can take that seriously i mean imagine going into a therapists office and be like:

‘yeah…I READ TOO MANY ROMANCE NOVELS that is why my husband forced me to make this appointment.’ and the therapist would be like ‘i see…and do you spend more time reading and fantasising about these romance novels then with your husband?’ and you’re all like ‘um…well i wouldn’t put it that way but hmmm…yes i suppose it would seem that way…that’s why i’m here…’ HAHAHA. πŸ˜‰

Sad Times. Well i guess they DO give you an unrealistic perception of men and expectations are usually unfulfilled since i haven’t met a guy with a six pack and an amazing smile who can make me laugh. As yet. there’s still hope i’m sure. But yes…i have this whole thing that Boys In Books Are Just Better *cough Peeta COUGH*

Well…fictional guys in general…um…SETH COHEN

Yeah…he is ‘quel dork’ (as Lennie says in The Sky is Everywhere when referring to Joe…) but i’m into that kinda guy…who is goofy yet sweet. cue GOOFY GRIN…

Okay so TV…

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: it just gets even more annoying, i don’t even know why i still watch it. i mean the worst characters have got to be Amy’s ‘friends’ Madison and Lauren…how are they representative of American teens i don’t know…and if they are i am staying FAR AWAY from them. Ben and Adrienne’s wedding…awww but i don’t think they should be getting married. oh well…too late now. Seriously…they know NOTHING about babies…i know more about babies and i’m not pregnant, getting pregnant anytime soon and none of my friends are pregnant…i mean…Adrianne wants to go back to school A WEEK AFTER GIVING BIRTH…yeah…very realistic. NOT. Ever heard of maternity leave? it’s there for a reason…time to recover and ATTACHMENT with your child. Gosh…clearly SHE doesn’t do psychology. Amy and Ricky…Amy should just tell him she’s scared because she’s worried she won’t live up to expectations and it’s gonna be something so big and dramatic…it should just be in the moment and yet still romantic.

Doctor Who…OMG…so i thought that the baby would be The Doctor’s but noooo…OMG…I CANNOT BELIEVE IT..well yeah i can it’s Doctor Who…okay so River Song is Amy and Rory’s child and The Doctor’s lover…haha. his GRIN…so cute. πŸ˜‰ but Autumn…SUMMER JUST BEGAN. sigh.


Angry Boys: Chris Lilley is a complete GENIUS. i mean it’s not as good as Summer Heights High but it is still pretty awesome. but sometimes it can get a bit much.

Pretty Little Liars and The Nine Lives of Chloe King are premiering this week on ABC FAMILY. =)


SoΒ  I watched Cruel Intentions…woah…

1 Guy- Three Girls. haha.

okay so Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon…80s movie…yeah…DID NOT EXPECT THAT.

it was funny and kinda racy and everything (it is rated 15) but it was good…BUT THE END. i mean…REALLY?! yeah…sad times. but it was funny…after the incident…and damn Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character…what a BIATCH.

now…How To Deal starring Mandy Moore and Trent Ford…yeah the movie which combined Sarah Dessen’s two books Someone Like You (one of my FAVE Sarah Dessen books after Just Listen) and That Summer (my worst Sarah Dessen book…i don’t know…like there’s even a Meg Cabot book i hate *gasp* i KNOW…Avalon High…just never liked that book or the Disney Channel excuse of a film)

Now the reviews aren’t THAT GREAT but only if you LIKE Sarah Dessen or cute love stories THEN ONLY should you watch this movie because…i SMILED AND LAUGHED throughout the whole thing…but i was disappointed with the way they ended it but hey…it wasn’t REALLY THE BOOK so it’s all good.

One Fine Day- one of my favourite Romantic Comedies EVER! Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney.

i love the bit (2:15) where he picks her up and jumps around in the puddle. hehe. SO CUTE. =)

okay so if you love cats WHICH I DO you MUST watch this movie. It’s about cats. and they talk. and you might just find yourself…being attarcted to one…YEAH IT’S A CARTOON but hey I’m sure there’s some Disney guy you LIKE…*cough prince Naveen cough*

Haru in the Baron's House

Prince Naveen as a Frog

So The Cat Returns is an amazing movie about this girl Haru (Anne Hathaway) who saves a cat’s life and he happens to be the Prince of the Kingdom of Cats so they send her gifts…but they’re all want a cat would want and so she goes to see the Baron for help but then she ends up in the Kingdom of Cats and she gets turned into a cat because she has to marry the Prince and she might have to say as a cat unless they can get out…but yes it’s really funny and so cute and just wonderful. i Loved Spirited Away but this is about CATS. =D

on the subjects of cats this might just be the cutest thing I’ve seen…


So whenever i watch the news or read the news it just makes me so depressed and i can’t help but SIGH all the time…i mean…it’s better than ignorance but i feel so helpless and frustrated.

Oxfam has recently reported that in the next few years food prices are going to escalate and the people it’s going to affect the most are the POOR. obviously. it’s ALWAYS the poor who suffer the MOST.

β€˜When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die’

Sigh…i mean Global Warming is taking its toll on everyone but it’s the POOR who are suffering the most. poverty causes diseases and a reduced quality of life and life expectancy. i understand that fishermen need to make a living but they can do that SUSTAINABLY without outsourcing species. I understand loggers and cattle ranchers need to put food on the table and have enough money to send their children to school BUT THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THAT SUSTAINABLY. they should be able to WORK without COSTING THE ENVIRONMENT…because it’s just going to have a negative effect on everything…this whole ecosystem is perfectly balanced but as things are removed it becomes unstable.

I know that there aren’t equal opportunities everywhere and I’m so grateful to live the life that I’m living now but it’s down to people’s greed and power-hungry ambition which causes the problems. i mean we are all consumerist. Think about the ‘War on Drugs’ i mean…Mexico…i swear it’s a COMMON OCCURRENCE to be walking down to get some milk and you see 3 dead people in a ditch. Nothing unusual. IT’S THE NORM. WTF?! what kind of a world do we live in where seeing a dead person is NORMAL?! MASS GRAVES AND GANG VIOLENCE. it’s actually disgraceful…and repuslvie and we are feeding it. we are the reason for it. well not me personally since i don’t do drugs but there’s a reason why people DIE for drugs…because it’s ILLEGAL and there’s a massive demand for it.

If you want to do a Random Act of Kindness then sign this petition please:


Sigh…then i look at the Middle East and the violence and deaths just keep on rising…GIVE THE PEOPLE THEIR FREEDOM.

"If you're not ready to die for it, take the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary." Malcolm X


Poetry/ Spoken word: Boonaa Mohammed is AMAZING

‘We have a tendency to fear what we do not know…’

‘I no longer require permission to be who I am…’

‘I pity the cool crowd because your personalities need help…’ πŸ˜‰

β€˜In school they always said loving math would help but I never once learnt to love myself…’

Also…Shihan..is like…WOW…his wife is one lucky woman…but i’m sure she DESERVES him as a husband.

β€˜Slow dancing in the middle of our apartment to the music of our hearts’

β€˜I want to try counting the ways I love her, lose count in the middle just so I can start again…’

‘fall in love with you in a different language and see if it still feels the same…’

‘i want a love that is unexplainable as she is…’

I mean…that is just SO BEAUTIFUL…makes me want to fall in love. i mean I’ve watched too many romantic comedies and read so many books with people falling in love and it being amazing i feel so left out WHERE ARE ALL THESE AMAZING GUYS?! staying far away from me i suppose. Sigh…my time will come I’m sure.

Have a Wonderful Week. Enjoy the SUNSHINE if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and for those in the Southern Hemisphere Keep Warm.

Keep Smiling and Shining.


"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." Mother Teresa

Regina: Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!

Smile. Be Grateful. Be Happy.

"Anyone can slay a dragon ...but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That's what takes a real hero." Brian Andreas


Β “The earth has music for those who will listen.” William Shakespeare

“We spend a good part of our lives dreaming, especially when we’re awake.” Carlos Ruiz ZafΓ³n

“Stay mad, but behave like normal people. Run the risk of being different, but learn to do so without attracting attention.” Paulo Coelho

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself” Henry Miller

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