Long Weekend

Hello World!

So yes…Friday 29th April A PUBLIC HOLIDAY FOR BRITAIN. Yay. Oh and Prince William got married to Catherine Middleton- now they’re Prince William and Princess Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. =)

the best thing about this is that it’s kinda like a fairytale…she’s a COMMONER…and he’s well..a PRINCE…future king of England…they fell in love at St Andrews University in Scotland and now they are married while 2 billion people (estimated figure) watched worldwide. Very intimate.

well, the reception had around 650 people and in the eveningΒ  the REAL PARTY started with 300 people when all the posh people got drunk and went crazy…the things we commoners won’t see. but hey…they ARE just NORMAL people…who are in LOVE! he just so happens to be a balding Prince while she…well…her childhood dreams of being a Princess have come TRUE. she wore a tiara (loaned by the Queen of course) AND she rode in a carriage to Buckingham Palace…

the highlights for me were of course when she stepped out of the car n we saw her dress in all it’s white and ivory glory…beautiful lace and what a train and i loved what her sister Pippa was wearing too- sophisticated and elegant…designed by Sarah Burton- Alexander McQueen. awesome. and 100% British. πŸ˜‰

The Much Anticipated Moment

Did you know that Queen Victoria started the trend of having WHITE wedding dresses?!

Unconventional White Wedding Dress

then of course it was lovely to see the Queen in lemon yellow…and when they sang God Save The Queen…and even her husband Philip had to sing it while she sat there and listened to thousands asking God to save her even though she will inevitably die sometime soon…she is 85. i wonder if Charles will give the throne to William instead and if so will William demand his face to be on the money. HAHAHA. πŸ˜‰

so when they were saying their vows…Will has some long name…William Arthur Phillip Louis and when Catherine Elizabeth had to say it…he had to suppress a smile…and the ring…he had to push it so it would go on her finger…i bet Prince Harry had to stifle a laugh…and compose himself.

but i think the BEST bit was when they kissed and WILLIAM BLUSHED. well…what do you know…he’s human after all. =P

but they kissed TWICE. woah…in PUBLIC…saucy…not really. he did blush though…wonder if his insides went all warm or if he thought about what’s gonna happen that night… though they DID LIVE TOGETHER BEFORE (scandalous i KNOW…not really) and i’m sure they must have snuck into each others dorms during their days at St Andrews…

so yeah…5000 street parties in the UK…fun times…this wedding which has nothing to do with any of us in the least apart from that fact that we paid for it…well…splendid occasion for a party and to get the flags out and be all patriotic.

and it’s a wonderfully HOPEFUL day for those who DO BELIEVE IN FAIRYTALES AND HAPPILY EVER AFTERS (i’m not sure about the latter but i’m all for fairytales!)

Some songs which relate to Kate and Will:

Today Was A Fairytale by Taylor Swift

I’m A Believer by Smash Mouth

oh and the HATS…well…they were rather adventurous…i the sense that the clothes were relatively boring (pastel or like boring shades of colours) while the hats were rather…um…INTERESTING…


for more pictures of the wedding here’s a slideshow…i quite like how Harry and Pippa were left babysitting duty in the carriages…


here’s the link fo the OFFICIAL royal wedding photos- the ones they POSED for. πŸ˜‰


and Kate’s reception dress was simply stunning!!!! Camilla…well…what IS THAT?! BLEURGH.

Kate Looks Fab while Camilla...not so much

while watching the wedding I couldn’t help but compare it to an Indian wedding…BRIGHT COLOURED SARIS and jangly bangles and jewellery everywhere…beautiful swirls of henna patterns…and of course the FOOD…now that…is something…who wants canapes when you can have biryani and sooji?! they don’t know what they are MISSING!

i wonder what their cake was like…mmm…cake….

so i bet people are gonna wait till early next year and expect the arrival of a baby…they’re trying to change the law so if they have a girl ten she could still be Queen…because there’s still prejudice and discrimination against women despite all that has been done to show to men that THEY NEED US AND THEY WOULDN’T BE HERE WITHOUT US…but denial and ignorance seem to prevail.

in other news i read Where She Went in two days…it was THAT good.

'Sequel' from Adam's POV

so it really got me thinking about paparazzi and celebrities etc and how they have no freedom or privacy because everyone is hounding them or constantly invading their personal space…watching their EVERY MOVE…it’s disgusting…i mean some people just need to put food on the table while others have no fear or care about who’s life they are invading and scrutinizing…and the people who buy the magazines and newspapers also buy into the whole thing…it’s horrible.

i mean…at first i thought…hey YOU SIGNED YOURSELF UP FOR THIS but it can really ruin a person…who is interested in seeing someone go to wall mart? not me. do i care if they go to Starbucks?! no.

sure i don’t mind looking at their clothes but i don’t want to see them in their gym outfits or walking their dog- i don’t care…i used to be celebrity obsessed too…back in the day…i use dot watch E! News…eagerly anticipating the latest scandal or whatever but now I’m so over it…i might flip through magazines if my mum buys them or if I’m at a friend’s house then yeah but i don’t go out of my way to buy HELLO or HEAT no matter how cheap they are. it is simply horrible to think you have the RIGHT to violate someone’s privacy and life like that!!! no wonder celebs get angry and fight with the paparazzi…helloo…especially if they shove cameras in your face when you’re pregnant!!! i mean helloo…the woman is bound to be temperamental and you’re encouraging her to retaliate!!!

then i watched..um…William and Kate-The Movie (*cringe*)- ye sit was terrible. but they showed how Kate suffered the wrath of the paparazzi who are frankly ruthless and callous. they just like to have someone to blame and point the figure at and love to make malicious rumours about…ANYTHING THAT SELLS!!! sadly there is a market for this and will always be a market for it.

so yeah Where She Went was amazing…and it also got me thinking about lyrics and how so many songs are autobiographical…everyone says ‘write what you know’ and songs are stories too…well good ones which MAKE SENSE…not like some 50 cent rap degrading women (don’t get me wrong..i LIKE rap…like Eminem, KiD CuDi, Chiddy Bang, Example etc) but like lyrics come from lyrical ballads poems which are poems that tell stories like The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge.

anyways so yeah Adam was clearly heartbroken and distraught after Mia left him without saying goodbye or any sort of explanation and so he was devastated and retreated into himself, ignoring the outside world and suffering in silence…then something woke him up from his stupor and he began writing songs because it was CATHARTIC.

so here is Adele with Someone Like You because i’m sure many people can relate!

so yeah…usually people don’t NAME the people but in Taylor Swift’s case…she does…after all…there’s nothings he does BETTER THAN REVENGE!!! mwahahahaha…so take that all you losers who broke her heart! but also to the guys who made her feel special…you know some people think she seems to be all sluttish if she sings about SO MANY boys but helloo…not all the songs are about HER!!! she observes people and relationships and writes about other people and stuff. so yeah. don’t be so quick to judge!

Moving on…

i’m currently reading Six Words and One Wish by Karen McCombie

Wonderfully Weird

her books always make me laugh or giggle at the madness of it all. In this book, Jem’s family is strange as usual…her dad is a clown and her house has christmas lights all year round…their dog is demented and her older sister left…WITHOUT A TRACE…she CHOSE to go. doesn’t sound too weird but just read the book and the weirdness pours out. =)

In other news…The Hunger Games MOVIE…well they cast Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket and John Reilly is Haymitch. So far they’ve cast tributes from District 1, 3, 4, 5, 11 and 12. Lionsgate also increased the budget from $60million to $75million so hopefully the money will be put to good use and the film will be fab!

So i saw the trailer for HP7-part 2. it’s alright. no goosebumps or excitement. i just hope it’s not overly dramatic.

In TV news…

Vampire Diaries- someone is going to die…

i find it hard to believe that Elena is only 7 and all this has happened to her…it’s all so…meh. yet addictive.

Gossip Girl– Blair has three guys after her…

i do love the French Prince but i feel sorry for Dan even though i’m not a HUGE fan of ‘lonely boy’ and Chuck..well Chuck and Blair are supposedly meant to be together but who knows…they like to keep us guessing.

90210– Nerds are SO IN

i have a feeling Raj is going to die soon and Ivy is going to go crrraazzzyyy! Also…Adrianna might be jealous but seriously…what she did is PURE EVIL AND PSYCHOTIC because it’s to do with Silver’s HEALTH and mental state!!! Gosh…she’s currently on a seriously HIGH but what happens when she’s seriously LOW…?! Bad things of course leading to the season finale!

Glee- ‘don’t be a drag just be a queen’ -KURT IS BACK.

AH i love Blaine. i hope Emma and Will get back together and Quinn is annoying despite everything. i do love Lauren though…she’s an awesome character. Rather mad but brilliant.

The Big C- the season finale…well…i cried. i couldn’t help it. the tars just came pouring down and i couldn’t stop. i did eventually stop but that’s because the Graham Norton show was on and Miranda Hart had to kiss the guy who played Will (Nico Evers-Swindell) which was rather funny so yeah.Can’t wait for the next season!!!

SO it’s already MAY!!! can you believe?! Tie flies whether you’re having fun or not.

Let’s NOT forget the tragic events occuring in America- the tornadoes ravaging the South killing 300 people.

The violent uprisings in Syria- people trying to get their freedom but are being supressed.

i saw this incredibly disturbing and SHAMEFUL video…GLUTTONY IS A LIFESTYLE?! it used to be one of The Seven Deadly Sins. now it’s ENCOURAGED?! What has this world come to?

Let’s leave on a brighter note:

Hope everyone has a wonderfully GAY MAY (gay as in happy!) =D

Happy Reading!


“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” Scott Westerfield (Author of the Uglies Quartet)

Stay Beautiful

“Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.” Markus Zusak (Author of The Book Thief)

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