i just want to vent…

Greetings Freaks!

First South Africa lose the cricket world cup…they didn’t even make it to the final…what idiots!!!! SHAMEFUL PERFORMANCE. Sad Times. Sigh.

Then i’ve been watching Riz Khan on Al Jazeera…some ignorant fools out there…wait…PLENTY ignorant fools…what happened in Japan…IS A WAKE UP CALL FOR THE WORLD. The question is (to be or not to be?) whether the people of the world will choose to listen to blatantly ignore the signs God and the Mother Nature are giving us.

‘We’re clever but we’re clueless’ Jack Johnson – Never Know

Humans have this ability to survive no matter what. Think about the guy in 127 Hours who managed to saw his arm of with a cheap pen knife.Think about the countless victims of crimes such as rape or people in war zones who WANT TO SURVIVE. What about those in poverty who STRIVE…we as humans are the best of creation. Don’t get me wrong (who am i even venting to?) I LOVE animals and the environment and i care deeply about all of God’s creation but we humans needs to WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE. Every littles DOES help. Whether u see the impact or not…GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.

So yeah, this world is totally screwed up. well the world itself is fine. We humans just screwed it up by polluting with hatred, greed and ignorance…as well as actual pollution which means we’re KILLING THIS PLANET. Yay for us. Where shall we move to next? Mars? nah…Candace was already the Queen of Mars. (Phineas and Ferb) hehe. πŸ˜‰

so yeah…i just get really frustrated with this world and the people in it. no i’m not perfect. perfection is an illusion. but i do CARE and try and make a difference in this world.

‘heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race…’ Michael Jackson- Heal the World

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH PEOPLE.we’re all hypocrites in some ways but we can try to be better people, try and care for others, try and care for this planet coz we’re destroying it then how on earth are we ever gonna ‘live forever’ who even WANTS to be immortal…the one lone immortal…roaming the wasteland of earth…fun times,

nah…being FICTIONALLY IMMORTAL is cool coz of the Underworld and i mean Vampires, Werewolves, Chupacabras, Gargoyles, Unicorns, Zombies, Daemons, Faeries and let’s not forget Grim. =)

what the hell am i on about?! Gosh.

back to my whole point on caring and Riz Khan…he wears waaayyyy too much make-up…i think it’s coz he’s kinda old now. HA. okay yeah nuclear power is disgraceful…CHERNOBYL WASN’T A GOOD ENOUGH REASON maybe Japan is…but unlikely…also…radioactive waste and NUCLEAR WEAPONS. they have to be built by the coasts. and we all know (some prefer to DENY the truth) that global warming means RISING SEA LEVELS (also known as eustatic change) which and increasing temperatures means that there’ll be MORE natural distasters!!!! um…yeah…although earthquakes and tsunamis cannot be blamed on global warming. but still…storm surges will be more frequent and this cna breach sea defences and cause damage to nucleur power stations which will just have a negative impact on everything. oh yeah…Geographer right here. yes i am. haha.

do you know what the number 1 cause of deaths in women in the UK and US is?!

Breast Cancer?

Cervical Cancer?



urgh. sigh.

okay so in other news…SYRIAN PROTESTS…yeah don’t know much abotu that other than the Arabs or North Africans and Middle Eastern people are revolting…standing up agaisnt the stupid corrupt governments and regime…demanding democracy, freedom of choice or just better wages. the whole point fo a government is to care for the people and provide them with basic necessities. nto fight civil wars and invest all your money in arms or for a personal chef or even prosititues no doubt. no wonder HIV/AIDS is so serious. all the world leaders are whoring around. HAHA. yeah no…just my personal opinion.

hope is never lost though. i believe that there will always be hope. if Maya (her real name is in fact Marguerite) Angelou can survive all the crap that she went through…then why can’t you and i? if Anne Frank can say “Think of the beauty still left around you and be happy.” IF SHE CAN DO IT WHY CAN’T I?!

Sigh. so yeah this post is just about venting. it might be my last post coz i have better things to do then get addicted to blogging. like reading books and reaidng other blogs. and eating chocolate. oh wait and revising. yeah that too. sigh.

on a brighter note aise from all the crap that’s going on in the world…global warming, wars that not many people know about, xenophobia etc etc etc

SPRING IS HERE. well in the Northern Hemisphere. and Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) is Katniss Everdeen in the frickin incredibly awesome Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins MOVIE. yeah i wonder who’s gonna play my beloved Peeta (bread).in addition to that…MEG CABOT’S NEW BOOK ABANDON IS OUT SOON…APRIL THAT IS…WHICH IS JUST AROUND THE RIVERBEND…and…TAYLOR SWIFT IS PLAYING AT THE O2 ON WEDNESDAY AND I WILL BE THERE. OH YES!!!! HAPPY DAYS INDEED.

so while all this crap goes on in the world…people dying every second of every minute of every hour and so on…there are people who are laughing too, and crying and smiling and making someone smile. and that is what counts. Smiling is an act of charity. =)

there’s evil in this world. but then there’s good too. and ALL good and bad comes from God. That’s just the way it is.

i leave you (who?) with some quotes coz i’m way too obsessed with quotes:

“Words are not that important when you recognize intentions.” Isabel Allende (author of my fave book to date: The House of the Spirits)

“Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of.” Markus Zusak (author of The Book Thief…my second fave book)

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” Maya Angelou (that is one awesome mission in life-incredibly inspirational..she has written many autobiographies the first one being ‘Iknow why the caged bird sings’ and poems as well…basically a WONDERFUL WOMAN!!!)

yeah and last but so not least…RUMI:

“With passion pray.

With passion work.

With passion make love.

With passion eat and drink and dance and play.

Why look like a dead fish

in this ocean

of God?”

so long, Sayanara…Adios…Au Revoir…Salaam…Ciao…Hamba Kahle…BYEEEEEE.

Have a great weekend.


p.s if there are typos…well too bad, i can’t be bothered to correct them all. =P

pp.s i just re-read this post and well..it’s so lame i’m just gonna post it anyways. maybe someone out of the 6 billion (and increasing) people in the world will read this and either laugh, or smile, or cry or feel nothing- maybe you’re just apathetic. oh well.



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